Worth Indo-Pak-U.S. Trio Brothers In Arms Bring Molten Rock with ‘Khuda Ke Bandey’

The band comprising Pune-based totally vocalist Prateek Bhaduri. Hollywood drummer Greg Ellis and Islamabad-based totally guitarist Khurram Waqar

Anurag Tagat
Jul 31, 2022

U.S./India/Pakistan rock band Brothers In Arms includes Greg Ellis, Prateek Bhaduri and Khurram Waqar (from left to precise). Photos: Courtesy of the artists (Ellis, Waqar), Jephin Thomas (Bhaduri)

Drawn together by the must develop rock song that speaks for humanitarian causes, Pune/Islamabad/Hollywood act Brothers In Arms bear launched their grungy, no longer easy-rock debut single “Khuda Ke Bandey.”  

The band includes Islamabad-based totally guitarist-composer Khurram Waqar (a phase of the Pakistani rock circuit for the explanation that Nineties, glorious identified for his work with the band Qayaas), Pune-based totally singer-songwriter Prateek Bhaduri and American seasoned drummer-percussionist Greg Ellis (a regular in India over the final two a protracted time and the actual person in the support of the kit for the song of motion photos reminiscent of 300 and Iron Man). Collectively, they’re channeling a entire bunch of explosive rock vitality paying homage to bands like Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots on “Khuda Ke Bandey,” which launched in July.  

There’s the glaring Dire Straits affect that they all shared, which ended in the title of the band, Bhaduri says he introduced in his cherish for prog and alt-rock, plus Indian folk influences to the tune. Waqar title-checks everybody from Led Zeppelin to Weapons N’ Roses and Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. “We wanted to sound like ourselves and stayed far from following contemporary trends,” he adds. Ellis, for his phase, says, “Actually, I honest correct loved the raw vitality these boys bought into the tune. More than taking inspiration from any particular influences I accept I honest correct wanted to be in my part and add more lifestyles to what became already sounding like a big tune.”  

Bhaduri and Waqar linked for the length of the first half of of the pandemic in 2020, after the latter appreciated the Indian artist’s single “Internal Cherish.” “I floated the root of working on a tune. With loads of time in hand for the length of the lockdown, every of us linked at some stage in the subsequent 5 days and began to discuss in regards to the aptitude of working on a tune together.”  

Even supposing they originally began out with acoustic guitar riff tips and Indian classical melodies, the duo felt the tune wanted heavy riffs and “some correct mild rock ‘n roll to enact justice” to their lyrical belief of how humanity became struggling no longer honest correct attributable to the pandemic, however due to of “struggle cases in each place the build on this planet,” as Bhaduri says. He adds, “We mild to bear weekly Zoom calls checking on the Covid-19 discipline in our respective countries and jamming on the growth of the tune.”  

The melody became in web web site over the subsequent four months, when Bhaduri began writing Hindi and Urdu lyrics. “We had a total aim here; To write a sturdy tune that unites folks and no longer divides them. A tune that tells folks we’re all one on this world and struggle is the worst thing for mankind,” the singer-songwriter adds. Extending the root of in vogue points, they felt that though-provoking any other musician from one other country would replicate successfully. “The main particular person that got here to my head became Greg Ellis,” Bhaduri says. An organizer of Ellis’ Pune point to in India about a years ago, Bhaduri had interacted with Ellis every on and off the stage on the time.  

In step with Bhaduri, Ellis resonated with “the energy and the message” of “Khuda Ke Bandey” as successfully, occurring to rewrite drum substances and recording them even as he juggled other projects over the subsequent seven months. They then began remotely taking pictures their substances for the song video, which also projects a punchy “teach no to struggle” message, all edited by Waqar. Bhaduri adds in regards to the 10 months the trio spent on their first single, “The three of us were more in sync than a band from a single city or country, to be precise.”  

Collectively, they’re working on contemporary tips and a 2nd single is already being crafted. Unswerving like with “Khuda Ke Bandey,” they will also honest desire to work one at a time before every thing for the video, however Brothers In Arms promise an “thrilling video belief and message deliberate” for their next tune. “The one thing we are able to give out is count on this one to be acoustic with soulful vocals from Prateek,  loads of ambient guitar layers from Khurram and chic rhythmic percussions from Greg that will no doubt connect to our listeners spiritually as successfully as musically irrespective of who they’re,” the band says in a assertion.  

Brothers In Arms operate alongside the members’ particular particular person projects. Bhaduri has a entire of 4 songs releasing this 300 and sixty five days by strategy of streaming platform Wynk Song and a tour of the U.Okay. in September, whereas Ellis is only correct getting again from a Europe tour with composing/manufacturing duo Two Steps From Hell. “I also launched a duet album in Iran of Persian song with Kamancheh (Persian violin) Maestro Medhi Bagheri. We would be doing some displays for that,” Ellis says. He hopes that Brothers In Arms can tour together quickly as successfully. Waqar adds that he’s managing his community platform for guitarists called Guitar Collective, alongside his rock band KW & The Facedown Movement, instrumental compositions and working with powerhouse Pakistani vocalist Abida Parveen.  

Preserve label to “Khuda Ke Bandey” under.  

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