Unusual Indie Fridays #49

David Britto
Jun 03, 2022

Scroll all of the manner down to listen to contemporary releases on Unusual Indie Fridays by indie artists (from left) Gowri Bhat, Blackstratblues and Priyanka Nath. Photo: Courtesy of the artists; Swaraj Sriwastav (Blackstratblues)

Blackstratblues – L​.​I​/​O​.​V​.​E. Vol. I

Belief Mumbai/Auckland guitarist Warren Mendonsa to give us a truly principal album with our popular tunes from his instrumental blues-rock outfit Blackstratblues, but set apart it in a design most effective he is aware of most effective – dwell. That’s upright, Mendonsa only within the near past launched a amazing 12-track dwell album entitled L.I/O.V.E. Vol. I, which moreover marks a major for him. The epic entails hits from Blackstratblues albums by the years equivalent to “Folkish Three,” “Anuva’s Sky,” “Lead Chain Swing,” “North Principal individual,” “Renaissance Mission” and additional. L.I/O.V.E. Vol. I used to be recorded dwell in Mumbai in 2019 and first and foremost listen, it correct now transports you to a dwell Blackstratblues gig if you’ve been for one, and for those that haven’t, it sets the tone for what you’ve overlooked out on, but fortunately you can catch that catch now by this epic. Rather then Mendonsa’s profound musicianship at some stage within the epic, the album moreover capabilities the band’s core lineup – drummer Jai Row Kavi, keyboardist Beven Fonseca and bassist Adi Mistry, as well to a visitor look from guitarist Tajdar Junaid. The album is every thing and loads extra with variations to the songs, intricate enjoying as well to a roaring crowd applauding after each and each track, and Mendonsa’s interactions with the target audience in between tracks in his scared and humble manner.

In a social media statement, Mendonsa said, “Over time, the Blackstratblues lineup solidified correct into a unit very contented enjoying with each and each assorted. We had been moreover allotment of Amit Trivedi’s touring band and this added to our time spent on stage collectively. This album does opt a good deal of that interplay and synergy, and I’m if truth be told joyful it serves as a epic of that. Culled from a express gig in 2019 featuring Tajdar Junaid on guitar and ronroco, this long-leisurely dwell album has stellar one-off renditions of a pair of of your popular songs. Many of you’ve got no longer viewed us dwell for the explanation that pandemic started, so this will per chance serene confidently relief till we perceive each and each assorted once more.”

Priyanka Nath – “Take care of With Me”

Hyderabad-primarily based mostly singer-songwriter Priyanka Nath ventures into pop territory along with her most modern single “Take care of With Me.” The track entails Nath’s bubblegum teach, sportive guitar and keyboard sounds, catchy melodies as well to heartfelt lyrics. In a statement, Nath said, “Born out of heartbreak, ‘Take care of With Me’ highlights the bother by reminiscing the suitable instances of the relationship. The longingness for what doesn’t exist anymore is painfully valid and this track is a solution to finding closure and acceptance of an discontinue.”

Gowri Bhat – “Chalo Na”

Bengaluru-primarily based mostly singer-songwriter Gowri Bhat’s correct-launched single “Chalo Na” is a melancholic offering that showcases her mellifluous vocals to the tee. The track opens with restful guitar work and Bhat’s angelic teach sooner than the track buffs up with drums, dynamics, heavier instrumentation and emotive provide. In a statement, Bhat said, “The conception that [of the song] is largely talking of reminiscing a relationship that after used to be, and reflecting on the suitable and unsuitable instances with hope for the long speed.” A handsome tune video – starring Bhat –  moreover accompanies the track which captures the essence of the track.

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