Uncommon Premiere: Devika Offers Punchy Punjabi Electro-Rock on ‘Kalli Kalli Raati’

The San Francisco-essentially based completely, Current Delhi-born artist has beforehand labored with the likes of standard rapper Bohemia and championed Sufi/folk song

Anurag Tagat
Nov 18, 2022

Current Delhi/San Francisco singer-composer Devika in a aloof from her song video for “Kalli Kalli Raati.”

Indian singer and composer Devika Chawla (who goes by her first title as an artist) juxtaposes feelings of anger, loneliness, terror and hope in like on her most up-to-date Punjabi tune “Kalli Kalli Raati,” which is infused with electro-rock substances.

San Francisco-essentially based completely, Current Delhi-bred artist says, “‘Kalli’ can have faith two meanings — one is ‘darkish,’ like it’s unlit. But it also scheme ‘lonely’ in Punjabi.” In the song video directed by filmmaker George Masin in Los Angeles, Devika is carrying unlit in a completely desolate atmosphere, while also considered in a red costume in sunlight hours by the seaside. She says of the video, “There’s some possibilities, some brightness, but then there’s also a possibility of it no longer going away. There is this distinction and juxtaposition, so all individuals can have faith a uncommon interpretation.”

Over tightly hurt digital rock and dad preparations — with guitar by Simon Jacobsson and “song substances” by Sourabh Kumar — Devika packs in a short but punchy Punjabi tune in about two and a half minutes. She says about making a short tune, “Other folks’s consideration span has changed a shrimp of bit. Here’s a difficulty, so as to receive something interesting, I wished to difficulty myself to receive something where it’s essential to dispute the tune, receive that energy and that emotion in a short amount of time.” Written final year, the artist says she used to be impressed by singing colossal Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (“It extra or much less has the same emotional essence,” Devika says) and first wrote the hook to “Kalli Kalli Raati.”

Then got right here the feelings that force the tune, which Devika says she had to actually chase motivate in time to conjure all over again. “You have to channel a few of your mature reminiscences, even supposing it’s essential to per chance per chance presumably presumably also simply no longer consciously mediate of it. Subconsciously, there are doubtlessly some moments ought to you were mad and felt like you were left alone and wondering whether or no longer you’re going to receive to be with this individual that you like, correct from from the truly, truly mature instances,” she says. The artist counts the likes of Bon Jovi as her well-liked rock impact, but on “Kalli Kalli Raati,” there’s great extra at play. It’s a completely fashionable, upbeat electro-rock tune with Sufi and Punjabi substances that Devika is known for.

The tune follows her earlier 2022 single “Dil Tenu” which used to be produced by Amravati-essentially based completely beatsmith Jayhaan. It used to be in 2007 that Devika made her first step forward within the Indian song realm, releasing her self-titled debut album and the lead single “Kehnde Ne Naina.” It caught the consideration of standard hip-hop artist Bohemia, who known as on her for songs like “Ek Tera Pyar” in 2009. Devika says about their connection, “He befell to be within the Bay Plight in San Francisco and so we lawful jammed together and it got right here together. The chemistry and the mood used to be there.”

She’s also labored with sarod sibling pair Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash on “Holle Holle” in 2014 and just no longer too long ago reunited with the brothers for “Jaaniya” in 2020. “The stars have faith to align most continuously and other instances, I lawful journey along with the moment,” she says of collaborations. In general insistent on seeking to procure Punjabi song in varied, more moderen musical directions, Devika says she’s became down her handsome portion of projects too. She adds, “Generally I’ve obtained stuff from of us and I’ve lawful talked about, ‘Howdy, hear, right here’s no longer my ingredient. I’m no longer going to have faith this. You’re taking a stumble on for something very conventional and I’m no longer going to have faith that.’”

That talked about, there’s extra song creating with journey-to collaborators like producer Holmes Ives, who labored on her tune “Jab Se Piya.” Devika phrases it an digital ballad. She adds, “Then there’s one other collaboration with Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash. Bohemia and I even were in talks, you know, backward and forward, so we may possibly possibly per chance simply bewitch up something all over again. Jayhaan and I even were sharing suggestions. I performed with [Pakistani singer-songwriter] Ali Zafar within the U.S., we did a duet, which used to be orderly stress-free. So we may possibly possibly per chance simply document something. It’s going to be one other interesting mission.”

Ogle the video for “Kalli Kalli Raati” beneath.

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