The Trials of Omega X: A Entire Timeline

The neighborhood held a press convention this day detailing the alleged physical, verbal and sexual assault at the hands of their mark’s CEO and what they idea to style subsequent. Here’s a summation of your total trouble

It’s been lawful about a weeks since the enviornment first realized in regards to the frightful allegations of abuse and assault in opposition to South Korean neighborhood Omega X by their mark Spire Entertainment, and in a press convention earlier this day, the band announced they have gotten filed for termination of their contract with the agency and would possibly maybe maybe be taking extra correct motion in opposition to Spire Entertainment’s ex-CEO, Kang Seonghee. 

All 11 members of the neighborhood – Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk and Yechan – had been newest at the clicking convention alongside with their correct representatives and took the opportunity to stipulate the harrowing abuse they had allegedly skilled. Omega X debuted in 2021 and is a mission neighborhood comprising idols who to begin with debuted in other groups and/or have participated in Ok-pop survival reveals. Most of their outdated groups have both disbanded or are within the mean time idle, so for the members of Omega X, this became a exhausting-gained 2d shot at discovering success within the Korean tune commercial. 

A screenshot from the Instagram livestream of Omega X’s press convention this day.

News in regards to the abuse first came to gentle on October 23rd, 2022, when a fan of Omega X posted an memoir of an incident they had allegedly witnessed after attending the neighborhood’s live performance in Los Angeles. The fan explained they had been looking ahead to a food characterize to be delivered after they noticed a lady (now assumed to be ex-CEO Kang) shouting at the neighborhood and seemingly bodily assaulting them. The fan also posted an audio clip of the incident on Twitter, pointing out, “I noticed the CEO of the early life firm hitting the early life. My hands are actually shaking, I don’t know what to style.” 

In the clip, the girl in inquire of raises her command, announcing, “Have you ever ever executed that for me? After I became going by one of these exhausting time, did he ever retract care of me?” When a member allegedly collapsed at that level, she yelled, “I’ve collapsed earlier than! Win up!” 

As each the media and followers began to dig extra, a separate Twitter thread from October 4th unveiled that this became no longer the major instance of abuse in opposition to the neighborhood; within the thread, a user claimed their mother had allegedly witnessed a female workers member (also assumed to be Kang) yelling at Omega X in public in Chile – at a hotel and on the other hand at an airport. It became so atrocious that the Twitter user’s mother felt compelled to intervene and discontinuance the girl from yelling at the members. 

hi, so i am no longer a fan of omega x and i assemble no longer know them correctly however i would truly like to discuss about something my mother urged me about what came in regards to the day before this day at the airport. idk if i will discuss this right here however i feel it’s some distance well-known to style so#omegax @OmegaX_members @OmegaX_official

— kia (@jsmgryu) October 4, 2022

On October 24th, South Korean media outlet SBS News dropped an exposé on Spire Entertainment and Kang, releasing a series of video clips that showcase the outdated CEO’s unhinged behavior and abusive remarks. The clips from SBS feature Kang and Omega X at a automobile parking plot in L.A. the assign she yells, “Attain you suspect losers love you’re going to be appreciated by folks? Are you wide? You didn’t come this some distance in your own.” When the neighborhood’s chief Jaehan collapsed to the floor, Kang berated him, announcing, “Are you that exhausted? Kim Jaehan. Whenever you occur to’re always sick love this, discontinuance being a singer.” In the clip, she also accuses him of ‘acting’ and directs the dialog around herself, asking the members within the event that they’ve ever troubled helping her when she’s collapsed. A 2d video clip later recorded at the neighborhood’s hotel sees Kang grabbing Jaehan by his collar and pushing him to the floor as his fellow members try to protect him from her. 

SBS News also shared a telephonic dialog they’d had with Kang the assign she denied the whole allegations of abuse. “The one who posted the clip on social media, they’re extra of an anti-fan in opposition to the firm,” she claimed, alongside side, “I lawful requested them within the event that they’ve ever helped me after I became having a exhausting time. An assault? No skill.” 

On the an identical day, Spire Entertainment released a assertion claiming that the trouble had been ‘resolved’ after talking with Omega X. The assertion, as translated by files outlet Soompi, reads: 


This is Spire Entertainment, the agency of boy neighborhood Omega X. 

First, we bow our heads in deep apology for having caused converse by this injurious files. Omega X wrapped up their first world tour “CONNECT : Don’t quit” with their LA live performance within the United States on October 22 [local time]. The incident that has caused a controversy after being revealed on social media came about after a meal that took plot after the discontinuance of [Omega X’s] tour, which began on September 16 in Mexico’s Guadalajara and lasted over a month except their LA live performance within the United States. 

At the time, having completed the tour, the Omega X members and the agency had been talking about how exhausting they had respectively labored up except then, in characterize to assemble plans for the lengthy flee. Throughout, they anguish up airing their grievances in opposition to one one other, and as they turned into labored up ensuing from their feelings, they began elevating their voices. The dialog persevered even after the meal, however by persevering with their discussions, the members and the agency have within the mean time resolved all their misunderstandings, and they ended the dialog by announcing that they a indispensable to maneuver forward whereas being considerate [to] every other. 

The previous month, in which Omega X and the agency went on tour, and in which we for my fragment met and communicated with the followers who love us, became a deeply meaningful time that can never be changed. All americans labored exhausting alongside with the an identical goal in characterize to support our promise to our followers, and we bow our heads in apology for ending it on a atrocious conceal. 

As soon as extra, our agency would truly like to retract this chance to thank the followers who give this powerful love to Omega X. Correct as their neighborhood’s title bears the which implies, ‘From the major time we meet our followers to the final moment in which we carry out our objectives, we can perceive a large range of values,’ our agency will offer protection to the values created by Omega X and their followers up except the very discontinuance. 

As soon as extra, we make an apology for having given you goal for converse.” 

Followers had been straight suspicious in regards to the sincerity of Spire Entertainment’s claims of resolution and their concerns had been proven splendid when SBS News released a brand contemporary article on October 24th, reporting that Omega X’s tickets support to South Korea had been cancelled by the mark, leaving the members stranded within the U.S. after the final date of their tour. SBS then reported on October 25th that Omega X had to reportedly pay for their flight tickets support to Korea out of their own pockets with support from their oldsters. Spire Entertainment denied allegations they’d executed in an effort to spite the neighborhood, with Kang pointing out, “We had been discussing cancellation three days ago which skill that of the seats on the airplane the assign the members would board will be blended with followers.” 

On November 6th, Omega X created an Instagram memoir self reliant from Spire Entertainment and released their own assertion on the trouble. Earlier than this, they had remained restful since the allegations first arose in October and had made no posts on any of their respectable accounts on the trouble. The contemporary Instagram memoir appears to be like to be managed by the 11 members and, below a portray of all their hands collectively, the band within the fracture stated: 


We created this petite rental for communique which skill that of we desired to thank the followers who love us and the participants that are cheering us on, and we also a indispensable to straight speak you of the latest trouble with our own mouths, because the parties thinking about this incident. 

Beneath stress from Spire Entertainment, we—the members of [Omega X]—beforehand signed an agreement that ‘if we add posts to social media without consulting the firm, we can have to retract each civil and felony correct responsibility.’ Attributable to this reality, we demand to your understanding merely in regards to the reality that even supposing we desired to resume communicating with our followers as soon as possible, we wanted to be cautious except we had figured out our plot on Spire Entertainment. 

Even supposing there had been contented cases after we began our neighborhood activities collectively, we also had to endure painful cases as correctly. Additionally, when our struggling currently turned into identified to the enviornment, we had been skittish that every little thing we’ve completed up except now would evaporate and move up in smoke. Nonetheless, now we have now determined to assign our fears at the support of us and muster courage collectively. 

Our neighborhood became a 2d opportunity for our eleven members, who gathered collectively after rising from tough cases of despair and refusing to quit on our objectives. 

The ideal ingredient that gave us the strength to no longer quit on our objectives and to retract on a brand contemporary self-discipline became the followers who live up for us, deem in us, and cheer us on. Attributable to our followers, we had been ready to endure the previous two years. There had been days after we got such unwarranted remedy from our agency that it made us should teach, however our handiest source of strength that made it possible for us to endure all of it became remembering the cheers of our followers and studying their messages of make stronger over and over as we tried to nod off. 

Correct as now we have up except now, we idea to continue to scuttle our objectives up except the very discontinuance. We can stand earlier than our followers as soon as again with honest correct tune and performances. Our eleven members, who all have the an identical goal, and our followers, who allotment our dream, are the most invaluable issues on the earth to us, and we never should lose them again. 

As many participants skittish and waited for us, we make an apology for the lengthen in offering this update. Thanks for studying our accurate feelings, which we mustered up the courage to allotment, up except the very discontinuance. 


Sincerely, OX” 

The band did no longer title any swear participants of their assertion and promised they’ll return with contemporary tune collectively.  

On November 7th, Spire Entertainment replied to Omega X’s assertion by apologizing and revealing that the ‘CEO guilty for this topic’ had resigned. Nonetheless, they did no longer level out Kang’s title or the names of any other workers maybe guilty for the abuse: 

“Hey, this is Spire Entertainment. 

Initially, we deeply make an apology to all Omega X members, families, followers, and every person whose feelings had been misery by an unhappy event that has came about currently. 

Spire Entertainment takes the fleshy responsibility and speak that the CEO who’s guilty for this topic has resigned. We’d also love to make an apology for no longer responding correctly and disappointing many followers with inadequate response to the trouble. 

We can retract in all of your advices and comments to style our ideal to forestall this roughly issues from happening again and focal level on offering a bigger ambiance for the members so that they’ll focal level handiest on the artists’ activities. Please continue supporting Omega X, and we promise to are trying our ideal to be support with better files. 


This became to no longer be the discontinuance of the topic; on November 11th, SBS News released extra proof of assault and mistreatment they label within the assemble of video clips and textual whine messages. The proof outlined extra unhinged behavior, emotional blackmail, and ego journeys from Kang the assign she would allegedly harass the members out of doorways of working hours and power members diagnosed with Covid-19 to manufacture onstage at concert occasions at some level of the tour. Community chat screenshots received by SBS News reveals Hwang Seongwoo – Kang’s husband and chairman of Spire Entertainment – had also reportedly pressured the members to camouflage their certain Covid assessments and fabricate. At the time of the live performance, Spire had released a assertion to speak audiences that members Jehyun, Kevin, Hyuk and Yechan wouldn’t be performing in Santiago ensuing from ‘health concerns,’ however did no longer repeat they had been contaminated with Covid. In a video clip, chief Jaehan will even be heard voicing his discomfort at hiding the reality, however Kang silences him by threatening to assassinate your total tour. In line with SBS, the mark did no longer acknowledge to their newshounds’ questions and calls concerning this incident.  

Eventually, on November 14th, Omega X released a assertion that they’ll be conserving a press convention on November 16th to point out the ongoing trouble and the abuse they have gotten faced of their own phrases. 

In the clicking convention, which took plot this day at the Seoul Bar Affiliation, Jaehan stated, “The reason we couldn’t support however endure and support nonetheless about all of this except now became which skill that of we had been terrified that our final chance [in the music industry] would move if we didn’t. For the sake of our followers who trusted us, supported us, and waited for us, we had to endure. As the eldest member and the chief, seeing the members struggling and getting exhausted, I became terrified and skittish that our objectives would collapse. I a indispensable to present protection to Omega X.” 

The neighborhood’s attorney, Noh Jongeon, stated, “We have urged the agency that we’re going to be terminating [Omega X’s] queer contract, that can lose its correct carry out beginning this day,” alongside side, “We can press expenses and inquire of compensation.” Noh also stated, “We hope that these younger males’s courage rings an alarming bell to the wrongs which had been sick this society and support others overcome any mistreatment.” 

The members stated that Kang’s abuse also incorporated frequent sexual harassment as she would touch them inappropriately on their faces and thighs. Jaehan claimed, “CEO Kang Seonghee aged to name us after our coaching, power us to drink and sexually harass us by making sexual remarks or touching our thighs and faces.” He added, “She would threaten us that we would possibly maybe well merely soundless ‘grovel’ if we desired to remain as Omega X and that she would both fracture us or fracture herself if we didn’t.” 

Omega X chief Jaehan talking at the clicking convention.

The members extra revealed that within the event that they didn’t support these ‘drinking intervals,’ they wouldn’t be allowed to free up tune. Member Sebin confirmed, “They stated there would possibly maybe maybe be no subsequent album if we refused to support drinking gatherings.” The members also shared they are within the mean time receiving remedy for the trauma and trouble they skilled at Spire and at the hands of Kang. Member Hangyeom stated, “I became always timid about when she would possibly maybe well merely name. I am within the mean time going by medical remedy, however the sound of the phone vibrating or ringing gives me the an identical sense of trouble all over the assign again.” 

Member Yechan extra described the experiences of being gaslighted and brushed off, and the members’ dart to present protection to every other within the wake of the whole abuse. “We felt love fools after we realized that we had been being gaslighted,” he stated. “When the older members had been known as for drinks, I a indispensable to designate alongside and support. We received within the addiction of lawful laughing it over with jokes or attempting to put out of your mind it.” Several of the members broke down in tears whereas recalling these experiences. 

Omega X revealed they had no longer got any apology from Spire Entertainment within the wake of the controversy and had in its place been threatened extra. “After the L.A. incident, we surely feel now we have but to obtain a accurate apology,” stated member Junghoon. “As a substitute [the CEO] introduced up our militia duties and threatened us with a falsified assertion of accounts. I felt that it became no longer doable to keep in touch [to them].”  

Junghoon’s assertion backs up a old document by SBS News that alleged Spire Entertainment had demanded every member of Omega X pay between ₩300 to ₩400 million (between ₹1.8 crores to ₹2.4 crores) as a ‘settlement’ for the debt they owe the mark. At the clicking convention, Noh revealed that Spire had falsified documents to give you these numbers. 

Referring to prompt motion, Omega X’s attorneys shared that the band will be pressing expenses in opposition to the outdated CEO for threatening, assaulting and exploiting the members. The level of passion is within the mean time on nullifying Omega X’s queer contract with Spire Entertainment, and the lawyers confirmed they have gotten filed for a seizure of contract and can inquire of financial compensation from Spire for damages later. 

In line with a November 14th document by TopStarNews, Omega X have also filed copyright claims for their neighborhood title in Korean (‘오메가엑스’) and English (‘OMEGA X’), their fandom title – ‘FOR X’ – and the term ‘PROTECT OMEGA X’ that became created by their world fandom to bring attention to the band’s trouble. As of now, the band plans to remain collectively and hopefully continue making tune and promoting as Omega X after the acceptable complaints discontinuance. 

Diverse Ok-pop fandoms, journalists, influencers and artists have rallied at the support of Omega X to train their make stronger for the neighborhood. Most currently, fourth-generation boy band Correct B showed their solidarity by suspending their comeback press convention – which became scheduled to occur at the an identical time as Omega X’s press convention this day – by about a hours. 

It is some distance a creating story and would possibly maybe well well be self-discipline to changes as extra updates roll in. 

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