See Stray Youngsters’ Thrilling, Imperfect Video for ‘Venom’

The South Korean neighborhood battle every completely different to continue to exist on this gloomy, cinematic lure anthem

Beautiful days after dropping their mega-hit EP ODDINARY, South Korean powerhouse Stray Youngsters return with a music video for the track “Venom,” the 2d single from the file. The EP changed into once ushered in with the lead single “Maniac” which launched on March 18th. “Venom” changed into once previously teased on the neighborhood’s “Unveil: Tune” clip on March 13th.

Written and silent by Stray Youngsters’ in-neighborhood producer unit 3RACHA (comprising HAN, Changbin and Bang Chang) “Venom” is a gritty, lure and hip-hop track with rich, looping synth. The neighborhood’s rappers are with no doubt in their part as they exhaust the more uncomplicated beat to blow their absorb horns their flows. The vocalists deploy delicate falsettos and harmonies to receive to the future bass model anti-tumble on the refrain. The lyrics outline a frantic must pace from one thing gloomy and addictive, utilizing a spider and its paralyzing venom as a metaphor for the verbalize of affairs; “I purchased caught all over again pretending now not to know on my approach/ I knew I couldn’t rating out of it, nonetheless I purchased caught all over again/ I’m trapped in this sticky web/ Criminal, the deadly venom has already unfold.” The sense of panic is heightened by the rap line’s highly efficient supply on their verses and the vocalists’ haunting takes on the pre-refrain.

The music video is a departure from the same outdated choreography-heavy Stray Youngsters model and makes a speciality of a gloomy storyline which sees the people battle one one more for survival. A robotic spider lurks ominously as the showdowns open up–the people exhaust poison, guns, a boxing ring and additional as they’re trying and flee the hellish verbalize of affairs. (Spoiler alert: simplest rapper Felix and vocalist Seungmin map it on the discontinuance.) It’s impolite and slower, handing over a unique facet of the neighborhood yet all over again.

ODDINARY is Stray Youngsters’ sixth EP and features a total of seven tracks including “Venom.” A day sooner than the file’s originate, the neighborhood’s price JYP Entertainment announced that ODDINARY had hit a total of 1.3 million pre-orders, making Stray Youngsters the notable artist under the pricetag to rotten the 1,000,000 pre-describe gross sales. The neighborhood’s 2021 LP, NOEASY, had peaked at 930,000 pre-orders, giving their most up-to-date comeback a 400,000 album sale boost and making it the band’s non-public most productive originate by approach of gross sales up to now–a mighty step in direction of their plans for world domination.

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