Search Shia’s Silky Original Video for ‘Boon’

David Britto
Aug 08, 2022

Mumbai singer-rapper Shia. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Mumbai singer-rapper Shia’s tryst with song started when she became in the sixth grade enjoying the guitar. The artist has been writing songs and singing for the reason that age of 9 and became even portion of her college band. Nonetheless, it became entirely after she started attending gigs and cyphers in college that Shia felt the necessity to open her own song. With two singles already to her title – “Jah Blessings” (2020) and her collaboration with fellow artist Nahra on “Metamorphosis” (2021) – Shia is now out alongside with her latest song, the fierce “Boon,” launched through Original Delhi rapper Prabh Deep’s label Purple Wav.   

Since the open of “Metamorphosis,” Shia has been honing her talents as an artist and even took a step attend from performing reside to condo writing and releasing song. It became through that job that “Boon” came to be. Mumbai producer Zero Take a seat again laid the muse for the song with a gritty beat juxtaposed with piano motifs. On her portion, Shia delivers fiery rhymes and catchy melodies to get an brisk but tasteful soundscape. Talking in regards to the song, she says, “The fundamental message of here’s to establish my sound as a rapper and push aside drug abuse and self-pity, two things I for my portion combat with loads.”  

On working with Zero Take a seat again, Shia says, “Zero Take a seat again is without doubt one of the indispensable most modest and talented producers I basically delight in stumble upon in my existence. After I work with him, I’m once quickly too mesmerized by the kind he can get a beat in lower than 15 minutes.”  

The artist has also launched a slick song video shot in Mumbai that sees her performing the song on a ship, at the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Tao Art Gallery and Atria Mall. About her journey making the video, Shia says, “The makeup artist became falling sick in the boat and my crew became running round in the warmth carrying that heavy tools.” She adds, “To make this at zero cost, I heart of attention on that in itself is a feat for the complete crew.”  

Next, Shia plans on releasing songs at a faster hurry as effectively as returning to enjoying gigs and even collaborating with other artists. She says, “I’m ready to develop and jump to the following stage now. The hustle has now begun.”  

Search the song video for “Boon” below:  

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