Premiere: Singer-Songwriter Sruthi Vj’s Lustrous Video for Debut Song ‘Jee Bharke’

The San Francisco/Bengaluru artist arrives at an epiphany on her Hindi-English track

Anurag Tagat
Might perchance even 25, 2022

San Francisco-basically based mostly singer-songwriter Sruthi Vj. Portray: Rajashri Vijayachandran

Pondering the bigger image by methodology of reason and clarity, San Francisco-basically based mostly singer-songwriter Sruthi Vijayachandran aka Sruthi Vj crafts an airy bilingual pop track in Hindi and English with her debut “Jee Bharke.” Now, the artist has turned director as effectively for the music video, which we’re premiering below.

The artist writes about societal expectations and being “pulled in a form of instructions in our every single day life” in an announcement about “Jee Bharke.” She adds, “Our lives are so immersed in running from one aim to the next that we in total forget to discontinue and center of attention on the attach we are headed. Our awe – that pursuing what we admire obtained’t result in a bigger, more productive life – in total pulls us wait on from taking that tumble. And yet, it ought to also merely choose us accurate one 2nd of clarity – a easy, savory meal, a day spent painting, a clear blue sky – to designate that what brings us pleasure is what makes life necessary.”

The track builds upon Sruthi’s lifelong practicing in Indian classical as effectively as English music, studying underneath diverse gurus in India and parallelly singing in choirs and a cappella productions. She’s released mashups and covers prior to “Jee Bharke,” and has been mentored by Bengaluru-basically based mostly producer Richard Andrew.

Carrying ahead their affiliation into growing an customary track, Sruthi labored with Andrew to kind, mix and grasp the debut single, whereas bassist-producer Yogesh Pradhan (from heavy metal/not easy rock band Girish and The Chronicles) helmed are living arrangements, and programming and composition. There became as soon as additional programming by Jaime Dudley and the track itself became as soon as written and mute by Sruthi.

By the direction of the track and the music video too, Sruthi finds reason as she vouches for prioritizing one’s happiness. Sruthi’s advise mentions that “Jee Bharke” is “partly inspired” by her obtain “chase wait on to music.” She adds, “[It’s about] how I spotted [music’s] appropriate importance in my life and the draw in which commencing to meet that reason has introduced the happiness I had been shopping for.”

Glimpse the video for “Jee Bharke” below.

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