Premiere: Ogle Dutch Artist Barend Tromp and Bass Worn Michael Manring Jam in ‘Golden Mahseer’ Video

Tabla, sitar, classical guitar and bass dominate the Indian classical-influenced song off Tromp’s unique album ‘Juvenile Fish Tales’

Anurag Tagat
Dec 29, 2022

(from left to lovely) Bassist Michael Manring and artist Barend Tromp. Photography: Courtesy of the artist (Tromp), Mari Kawai (Manring).

An eclectic bassist who furthermore began having fun with classical guitar at an early age, Dutch artist Barend Tromp furthermore gravitated in opposition to Indian classical song and specifically, the sitar after hearing his grandfather’s yarn sequence featuring Pandit Ravi Shankar.

The replacement influences are heard at some level of Tromp’s a long time-lengthy catalog, and more just just nowadays on “Golden Mahseer,” which aspects bass frail Michael Manring. The song is phase of Tromp’s unique album Juvenile Fish Tales, which released by technique of Bengaluru-based Subcontinental Recordsdata on December 2nd.

Tromp says he bought in contact with Manring – of whom he’s a self-confessed “big fan” – by technique of Subcontinental Recordsdata. On “Golden Mahseer,” Tromp offers splashes of classical guitar as Manring offers his distinctive fretless bass having fun with, full with tunneling Ebow-aided passages. Tromp says of the collaboration, “I adore having fun with fretless bass myself and Michael obvious had an affect on my having fun with and soloistic and melodic manner to the bass. He asked me to ship him the discover and he beloved it so he confirmed he wanted to play on it. I specifically asked him to enact an Ebow solo ensuing from I adore that a part of his having fun with. He did a tidy frigid fretless bass phase on the song. I’m very ecstatic with the end result!”

The Indian classical affect on the song comes no longer correct from Tromp’s adore for Indian percussive instruments like tabla, ghatam and mridangam, however furthermore to suit the thematic facet of Juvenile Fish Tales. Tromp says, “The album is an instrumental thought album about fish, each song representing a varied fish. A Golden Mahseer is an endangered species of freshwater fish that is show in lakes of the Himalayan pronounce and within the Indian Ganges river.”

The 11-discover album has one song representing a varied fish. The thought that used to be born out of Tromp’s childhood-origin fascination with the underwater world, lovely from when he bought a book for his birthday about marine lifestyles.

Up subsequent, there are two releases coming up for Tromp in 2023. One amongst them continues to indulge his adore for Indian song, with his mission BMI Goes India interesting his brother Maarten. It’s Indian EDM/psytrance, described as “Ravi Shankar meets the Chemical Brothers.” There’s a solo album as correctly for the unique twelve months, prog-fusion are living tasks and two books on evolved slap-bass suggestions within the pipeline.

Ogle the video for “Golden Mahseer” below. Discover ‘Juvenile Fish Tales’ here.

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