Peculiar Premiere: Madmast Soak in Nineties Nostalgia in Charming ‘Tumse Pyaar Hai’ Video

The Mumbai band’s fourth single rekindles lengthy lost admire over comfy indie-folks sonic appeal

Anurag Tagat
Aug 06, 2022

Mumbai band Madmast. Characterize: Umesh Mittu

Turn down the lights and gain just a few candles for Mumbai band Madmast‘s comfy, comfy original song “Tumse Pyaar Hai.” An unfaltering, outright declaration of admire, the song video for the Hindi song shows the postulate of lengthy-lost admire returning to one’s lifestyles by invoking Indian heart-class custom within the Nineties and early 2000s.

The band describes the song video as “our admire letter to the Nineties.” Made for the Nineties children, “Tumse Pyaar Hai” takes the route of charming, affectionate folks — acoustic guitars by Keshav Parthasarathy, melodica from Nishant Nair and vocalist Vaibhav Sharma’s chic express. There are subtler ingredients from Madmast’s rhythm fraction, with percussive work from drummer Saurav Datta and bass by Anish Nair.

Sharma says in a observation about the song, “Tumse Pyaar Hai is a heartfelt story of admire and longing, it’s about two fresh-day followers who personal lived by so noteworthy after which needed to fraction. What both of them in truth feel when they reunite after a lengthy time is what this song is all about. They are saying distance makes the coronary heart fonder, and that’s the emotion this song dwells upon.”

With “Tumse Pyaar Hai” — Madmast’s fourth single and first liberate of 2022 — the five-member band showcase an ever-diversifying sound. They brought rage with the riff-led “Kaisi Ye Maaya,” delved into heartwarming indie-folks on “Aaj Phir Tera” and showcased journeying rock with “Ae Dil.” Sharma says there might possibly simply be three more Madmast songs coming out this year.

Take a look at up on the lyric video for “Tumse Pyaar Hai” below.

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