Palkon Ki Chhavn Mein 2 went on air on third October at 7.30 PM

MUMBAI : Dangal TV always comes up with unique and modern say piquing the target audience’s ardour. Palkon Ki Chhavn Mein 2 is the most up-to-date level to on the air.

Rohini Singh, Programming Head, Dangal TV says, “Dangal has been attempting to present unique, modern, fiction choices. In the final 365 days,  we now contain launched many fresh fiction originals. In continuation to clutch on our viewer’s growing connection with Dangal TV is our subsequent providing Palkon Ki Chhavn Mein 2. The level to is season 2 of the hit level to Palkon Ki Chhavn Mein. The intent is to continue to clutch on the viewer engagement with this fresh providing and to extra make stronger our relationship with our purpose audiences.”

If the colour offers reduction from the warmth of the sun, then the the same colour also becomes a hindrance to any person’s issue – whether or now now not freedom of view or decision-making.

Rohini Singh extra explains the opinion of the level to. She says, “Palkon Ki Chhavn Mein Season 2 is a dilapidated household exciting level to. It talks relating to the memoir of the young, quietly sturdy Suman, who is an orphan. Suman hopes that with her marriage she finds a mom in her mom in legislation and an idea associate in her husband, and a loving enormous household.

Last two years for the length of the pandemic, the household has change into the strength for many of us, and Dangal TV’s growing recognition shows that the channel is taking the ravishing steps in echoing that viewer sentiment. This level to with its twists and turns offers household drama and a exciting triangle between Suman, Anshuman, and Nandan.

Location in a cramped town in India, the 2 ladies folks characters Surbhi and Suman around whom the memoir revolves are both sturdy in their habitual contrivance. Suman yearns for a  mom’s admire and finds that in Surbhi. Surbhi, alternatively, is buying for a  daughter-in-legislation for her elder son-  Anshuman, a wise and accountable boy. Whereas Suman sees her mom in Surbhi and Surbhi sees her daughter-in-legislation in Suman. However destiny has other plans because the younger son, the sportive Nandan falls for the rooted & sturdy Suman.

Who will get married to whom creates quite a lot of drama and subsequent relationships will steal the target audience, also will Suman be in a location to retain her relationship with Surbhi by these challenges?

The level to has a stellar forged that capabilities Vin Rana, Trupti Mishra, Jaya Ojha, Sandeep Mehta, Jaya Bhattacharya, Alka Singh, Sheetal Ranjhakar, Rajesh Puri, Mehul Nisar, Seema Kazi, Raj Premi, and Lovenesh Dutt.

Dangal TV is the Number 1channel in prime time slots and they are growing with fresh say on a fashioned basis to entertain audiences. Rehna Hai Palko Ki Chhavn Mein modified into a success level to, which had an actual target audience putrid, that led the channel to come help up with a second season in a unique structure. The level to airs from  Monday to Saturday at 7.30 pm on Dangal TV.

*Source BARC, HSM U+R, TG2+, GEC-Motion footage-Sports actions, AVG Weekly Impressions, Wk'35-38 2022, 6: 00pm-10: 00pm (Mon-Sat)

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