OMG! Shukravaar Ka Vaar: Salman lashes out at housemates for calling Bigg Boss biased

This week’s Shukravaar ka Vaar introduced moderately a pair of clarification for the contestants and Salman lashed out at them for calling Bigg Boss biased.

MUMBAI:   Bigg Boss 16 has begun and the fans are gargantuan mad for the original season. Bigg Boss is the most indispensable actuality demonstrate on Indian Television. The demonstrate has had 15 profitable seasons with the mega well-known particular person Salman Khan files superhighway hosting since season 4. However this yr, the game is diversified and Bigg Boss is creating with twists and turns. 

The demonstrate which has had moderately a pair of controversy in the long breeze is doubtlessly called the home of mayhem for a operate.

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 We saw that since Gautam is an ex-captain, he obtained an opportunity to appoint two folks he doesn’t want as captains. Shalin tried to chat to Gautam to help set apart Tina and give her the probability to change into a captain however Gautam became very offended and refused to chat to Shalin. Over a train that Shalin made, Gautam obtained offended and asked him to fade, that’s when Shalin started abusing Gautam and issues obtained very heated. 

They charged at every other, and your total home obtained alive to. Gautam requested Bigg Boss to intervene because he would possibly presumably well maybe now not handle Shalin’s abuses anymore. 

Fans had been waiting to uncover Salman’s idea on the identical and whereas he did no longer utter loads to them regarding the fight in on the present time’s Shukravaar ka Vaar, the promo feels like extra will acknowledged in the following day’s episodes.

However Salman did lash out on the contestants about asserting that Bigg Boss is biased. He acknowledged that all individuals calls Bigg Boss biased based completely on their very have comfort. For this season of Bigg Boss, what weak to be regarded as as luxurious funds has handsome been given to them with none bother. Bigg Boss has made the home an increasing kind of handy and unruffled there are folks bitch. Soundraya has complained about vegan food which Bigg Boss affords however Salman thinks that Bigg Boss ought to unruffled give up that because she is clearly no longer grateful. 

He incessantly identified as out Archana and Tina for calling Bigg Boss biased and aksed them to search into their very have actions first. The home belongs to Bigg Boss and he can attain as he pleases.

Salman also welcomed Janhvi Kapoor and Sunny Kaushal to the stage and they performed moderately a pair of games and had relaxing. 

From the promo sneak glance, it feels like Salman will call out Sajid Khan for being a corrupt participant.

Stay tuned to TellyChakkar for additional updates!

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