Ogle Rahul Rajkhowa Turn Up with Buoyant Bihu Pop in ‘Toradoi’ Video

The singer-songwriter and rapper says the song has initiated fresh conversations spherical archaic Bihu music and experiments

Accruing over one million views within the span of a month and 60,000 Reels, Rahul Rajkhowa has arguably

Anurag Tagat
Oct 28, 2022

Rahul Rajkhowa in a peaceful from the music video for “Toradoi.”

Accruing over one million views within the span of a month and 60,000 Reels, Rahul Rajkhowa has arguably broken into a brand fresh bracket with his Bihu song “Toradoi,” which became out in August.

It helps massively that it became launched by way of Warner Song India as section of Maati initiative, their platform for people music from across the nation. Plus, “Toradoi” is as affable as they contain its club-friendly mix introduced in by producer Iconyk aka Nikhil Malik. In the bright and jovial music video, Rajkhowa grins away with the peaceful appeal of a future pop extensive establish and dances with local artists by a riverbank. “Toradoi” – which translates from Assamese into a phrase linked to “apple of my watch” – is Rajkhowa in whole playboy mode as he crafts a like song.

Even though he’s responsive to some Bihu digital-pop songs out within the previous, Rajkhowa feels “Toradoi” with its percussive guitar, flute, groovy rhythms “hasn’t been performed earlier than.” He adds, “The simplicity correct appeals to all age groups and is inconspicuous on the ears.” With an extensive social media reach, Rajkhowa says even rural India’s population started to create short videos utilizing “Toradoi,” nonetheless clarifies that there became “no paid influencer advertising and marketing campaign concerned or in kind A-lister celebrities from Assam posting about it.”

With the bouquets got here the brickbats too, with criticisms, “hurtful comments” and apprehensions being aired out by what Rajkhowa feels is “the conservative section in Assam that refuses to accept change with reference with one thing that they steal so dear.” He adds, “The YouTube commentary section is elephantine of a comely bit of apprehension and some bask in taken the liberty to exercise some very intellectual language on my Facebook post as successfully.”

He’s taking it in his hobble even when. “It is attributable to my harsh critics that the song is raking up views on YouTube and spreading faster than ever. I am grateful to them,” he adds. “Toradoi” comes 10 years into Rajkhowa’s profession, so that roughly maturity is cultivated by the pop artist. Even because the song (and its choreography) picks up across language and cultures within the nation, Rajkhowa is plotting a setlist comprising totally Bihu songs. “We would be taking [it] to the festivals subsequent yr,” he adds.

Rajkhowa has already long previous on to birth his most modern song “Axomiya Lover Boy” with producer Stunnah Beatz in October and beforehand joined palms with beatsmith Karan Kanchan for singles “More straightforward To Be By myself” and “Double Tap.”  There’s also music coming out by way of Elixir Info, a ticket he’s co-founded with entrepreneur Raunak Gupta. “[There are] some very attention-grabbing world and nationwide hip-hop collaborations that I even had been conserving on to for a whereas,” Rajkhowa says.

Ogle the video for “Toradoi” below.

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