Nirupam Clean Addresses Racism with Contemporary Single ‘I’m Thoroughly different’

The Jharkhand-bred singer-songwriter worked with Finnish producer Martin Holm on the track

David Britto
Sep 26, 2022

Jharkhand-bred singer-songwriter Nirupam Clean (left) and Finnish musician/producer Martin Holm. Advise: Courtesy of the artists

Singer-songwriter Nirupam Clean recalls being mesmerized by a Gospel track in his say of delivery of Vidyasagar in Jharkhand over three decades in the past. In accordance with him, it used to be in inequity to the rest he had heard beforehand in the build of the Bollywood hits he consumed on the time. He says, “That day, I understood that a track in most cases has four a bunch of substances: tenor, bass, alto and soprano. I didn’t learn to shriek any of those substances then, nonetheless a dream used to be ignited, and I change into livid about singing.”  

All the intention in which through his teen years, Clean moved to Hapur in Uttar Pradesh and used to be fascinated by selecting up the guitar. Nonetheless, unheard of to his disappointment, he wasn’t given one as a result of monetary constraints at home. It wasn’t until he moved to Pune to stare at Spicer Memorial College that he found love-minded contributors. “Right here’s the say where my musical profession took off. I lived in a hostel and shared a room with five generous and kind musicians. There used to be repeatedly a guitar in the room. Furthermore, these guys had been prepared to fragment their knowledge with me,” he says.  

By 2006, Clean moved to Finland and has since settled there. He even attended a non-public track college known as Evangeliska Folkhögskola in 2011 in the city of Vaasa on the west skim of Finland. “It gave me the motivation to originate my possess track and be contented with it,” Clean says. Currently basically basically based exclusively in Vassa alongside with his companion Heidi and his two particular-needs daughters, he started releasing his track with Heidi’s cousin and musician/producer Martin Holm.  

The singer-songwriter’s old releases encompass two Hindi tracks – “Baat Hiya Baat Mein” and “16/11/2020” (inspired by his father’s closing day on Earth) – besides to “One Day At A Time,” written for his daughter Anni Gitanjali who suffers from a severe case of cerebral palsy. “The reason of the track is to present Anni and others who stay with a bunch of boundaries a face and a bid,” says Clean.  

Now, the artist is out with a recent single, the acoustic-rock offering “I’m Thoroughly different,” which deals with Clean’s abilities of having confronted racism. He says, “I wrote the track to direction of the negative emotions I skilled one day of a negative racial ordeal.” The singer-songwriter adds, “I peaceable be conscious vividly how someone racially abused me and when no longer ecstatic with the verbal abuse, tried to kick me and let out his big canines. I apologized for tense the man and went straight to the say where I used to be dwelling.”  

In accordance with the musician, that tournament made him realize what racism feels love. “’I’m Thoroughly different’ is a track that takes a polite map of explaining the complex emotions as a substitute of venting accurate detest and madden. Optimistically, it could really encourage folk to come collectively in a tranquil map to address racism.” 

Produced by Holm, the track aspects ethereal acoustic guitar strums besides to melodic electric guitar substances, an emphatic drum sound and Clean’s heartfelt vocals whereby you are going to be ready to hear the emotional ache through his bid. The track is furthermore accompanied with a track video that aspects Clean alongside with others calling for alternate in humanity.  

With round 10 songs in his locker lined up for production, Clean isn’t in any urge for a observe-up as a result of his work at a college and Holm’s dedication as a nurse. “Music is our facet ardour,” says the singer.  

Glimpse the track video for “I’m Thoroughly different” beneath:  

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