Netflix Sues ‘Bridgerton The Musical’ Creators For Infringement, Seeks Quit to Live Stagings

The Grammy-a hit team at the aid of an unofficial Bridgerton musical is being sued by Netflix in Washington, DC US District Court docket for infringement.

Songwriting duo Abigail Barlow and Emily Maintain were the minds at the aid of the widespread adaptation of the hit tv sequence. They staged a stay concert of “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical Album Live in Concert” at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC earlier this week, selling out the venue.

Netflix first and predominant hailed the thought that once it debuted as a free on-line homage. But when that expanded loyal into a a hit alternate, issues was sticky.

“Defendants Abigail Barlow and Emily Maintain and their corporations (“Barlow & Maintain”) possess taken important intellectual property from the Netflix customary sequence Bridgerton to originate an global designate for themselves,” the lawsuit stated. “Bridgerton reflects the artistic work and exhausting- earned success of hundreds of artists and Netflix workers. Netflix owns the exciting appropriate to ranking Bridgerton songs, musicals, or another derivative works in step with Bridgerton. Barlow & Maintain can no longer take hang of that appropriate—made important by others’ exhausting work—for themselves, without permission. But that is precisely what they’ve executed.”

Netflix claims it made “repeated objection” to the stage describe, which offered tickets ranging as a lot as $149 every. VIP programs were noteworthy more costly.

The stay describe featured bigger than a dozen songs that allegedly copied verbatim dialogue, character traits and expression, and other aspects from Bridgerton the sequence.

“All by the performance, Barlow & Maintain misrepresented to the viewers that they were the utilization of Netflix’s BRIDGERTON trademark “with Permission,” the lawsuit additional states.

The lawsuit also notes that apart from the Grammy-a hit album, the pair plans to tour, with a date in London’s Royal Albert Corridor upcoming. There are also allegedly plans for a line of merchandise, the suit claims.

Netflix has its relish “Bridgerton Skills,” a six-city tournament in order competition. “Netflix owns the exciting appropriate to ranking Bridgerton songs, musicals, or another derivative works in step with Bridgerton.

Barlow & Maintain possess no longer commented on the lawsuit as but. Their version of the musical was once developed on social media in real time, with lead vocals by Barlow and orchestration, production and extra vocals by Maintain. The file hit No. 1 on iTunes US pop charts, streaming bigger than 45 million times. It received a Grammy for Most piquant Musical Theater Album.

Netflix, Shonda Rhimes, and the “Bridgerton” original sequence writer Julia Quinn also issued statements. 

Netflix Statement:  

“Netflix supports fan-generated shriek, nonetheless Barlow & Maintain possess taken this many steps additional, in quest of to ranking a pair of earnings streams for themselves without formal permission to bid the Bridgerton IP. We’ve tried exhausting to work with Barlow & Maintain, and they’ve refused to cooperate.  The creators, cast, writers and crew possess poured their hearts and souls into Bridgerton, and we’re taking motion to protect their rights.” – a Netflix spokesperson

Shonda Rhimes Statement:

“There’s so noteworthy pleasure in seeing audiences tumble in cherish with Bridgerton and staring at the artistic ways they categorical their fandom.  What started as a stress-free party by Barlow & Maintain on social media has was into the blatant taking of intellectual property entirely for Barlow & Maintain’s financial earnings.  This property was once created by Julia Quinn and brought to lifestyles on video display by the exhausting work of countless people. Factual as Barlow & Maintain would no longer allow others to appropriate their IP for earnings, Netflix can no longer stand by and permit Barlow & Maintain to enact the identical with Bridgerton.” -Shonda Rhimes

Julia Quinn Statement: 

 “Abigail Barlow and Emily Maintain are wildly proficient, and I used to be once flattered and delighted after they began composing Bridgerton songs and sharing with other fans on TikTok. There is a incompatibility, on the opposite hand, between composing on TikTok and recording and performing for commercial assemble. I would hope that Barlow & Maintain, who allotment my space as unbiased artistic mavens, imprint the possess to protect other mavens’ intellectual property, along side the characters and tales I created in the Bridgerton novels over twenty years previously.” -Julia Quinn 

The factual papers will be found here.

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