Must Leah Be Extra Working out Of Jaylan’s Teen Mother 2 Switch?

Leah and Jaylan be pleased time and again acknowledged their intentions to reside nearer to each utterly different and never date at a distance. But at some level of tonight’s Teen Mother 2 episode, the couple — who appropriate officially modified into boyfriend and lady friend — experienced a setback of their shared scheme.

Jaylan bought a job in West Virginia, but it modified into not as discontinuance to Leah as she had hoped and he wanted to be “in person for quite” (aka not work remotely). Leah pondered why he wouldn’t appropriate terminate in Georgia since they would not be in discontinuance proximity regardless.

“It’s eight hours versus two hours,” he explained to Leah. “Georgia is out of attain, babe.”

“I take into consideration long-distance is long-distance any plan you survey at it,” Leah countered. “It’s miles not like you would appropriate breeze on a date.”

Jaylan disagreed and felt he modified into doing as worthy as he could perhaps perhaps to scheme significant sacrifices to be come Leah and her family. But Leah modified into still hesitant about this upcoming swap and modified into doubtful how it would unfold. Jaylan grew visibly aggravated and modified into disappointed that they weren’t “celebrating the moment.”

“That is more or much less getting to me in a capacity — I ain’t gonna lie,” he concluded.

What enact you watched: Must Leah swap her standpoint, or does she be pleased a simply to be upset that she and Jaylan could perhaps perhaps not be nearer? Or is Jaylan’s disappointment that his switch modified into not met with more pleasure justified? Give your eliminate, then possess watching Teen Mother 2 each Tuesday at 8/7c.

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