Music You Need To Know: Xdinary Heroes, ‘Hair Decrease’

The observe leads the South Korean rock band’s sophomore EP ‘Overload’ which outlines subject issues that surround ‘war from within’

Since their outstanding debut with the scathing “Totally jubilant Loss of life Day” almost precisely a year ago, South Korean rock band Xdinary Heroes contain kept their heed of perspective and social riot alive and “Hair Decrease” is the most fresh addition to the dialog.

Co-written and produced by the neighborhood’s people, “Hair Decrease” serves as an spectacular, layered metaphor for combating depression, a scathing teardown of critics who hinder of us that wish to be themselves, and even the band’s possess dawdle to push aside self-abominate and earn their identification: “Love how water is to grease/ With the area, I’m unfit/ I yearn for switch, however still/ A never-altering outfit/ I don’t prefer this vogue, yeah/ This messy hair vogue, yeah/ The dusky curtain blinding my eyes/ Turn the area all dusky.” They protest the refrain “Catch a hair lower” within the chorus, adopted by, “Decrease it out, slicе them all/ Throw it out, let all of it out/ Time to let it inch/ Time to let it blow/ All that is unfavorable, lower it out,” urging listeners to discard anything else in their existence that hinders their very possess happiness or brings them agonize.

The sound stays mostly within the alt-rock place with an upbeat, pop-punk vibe, however the chorus is a real delight, slowing down the tempo to instruct in simmering, bluesy electrical guitar riffs. The switch-up is haunting and does wonders to pressure in Xdinary Heroes’ heed of dark, menacing rock.

The music video for “Hair Decrease” is gritty, glamorous and proper a contact psychotic, as the people alternate being crowded by zealous followers and traversing a horrifying carnival stress-free residence to confront their very possess demons within the hall of mirrors. The band moreover fetch scissors to their hair, cutting off chunks as they instruct that it is “time to let it inch.” The video moreover draw shots of the neighborhood performing with their devices as carnival rides burn within the relieve of them.

“Hair Decrease” leads Xdinary Heroes’ self-produced sophomore EP Overload which dropped on November 11th. In step with the band, the file outlines subject issues that surround “war from within,” with every of the seven tracks confronting varied battles with the self and the society around us. As well to “Hair Decrease” and its instrumental version, Overload contains “Zzz..,” “Lunatic,” “Crack within the Mirror,” “Ghost” and “X-mas.”

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