Mumbai’s Freshest Duo St. Cyril Release Scintillating Debut Single ‘Table For Two’

David Britto
Mar 09, 2022

Mumbai duo St. Cyril. Photograph: Courtesy of the artist

Though Mumbai-basically basically based musician brothers vocalist-guitarist Sarthak Karkare and drummer Shashwat Karkare had been a part of the nation’s self sustaining song scene as a part of alt-rock trio Unohu for a decade now, the pair had been taking part in song together for plenty longer since they had been kids. “We grew up liking a bunch of an identical artists and bands. We jammed to a bunch of punk and dad-rock rising up,” says Shashwat.

With a pair of singles as properly as two EPs released as a part of Unohu, the Karkare siblings made up our minds on forming a new musical outlet known as St. Cyril to pay homage to the bands that formed them into the artists they are on the present time. Closing week, the pair dropped their debut single as St. Cyril within the form of the rousing “Table For Two.”

Based utterly on Sarthak, he informs us that the newborn in him nonetheless loves the likes of bands a lot like Green Day and the Murky Keys. He says, “I stored attempting to recreate their tones and sounds.” Ask the guitarist if it was a awake resolution on the sonic direction he wanted St. Cyril to head in and he says, “The project was a microscopic bit of both — intentional effort as properly as free-flowing creative work.”

“Table For Two” opens with a crunchy guitar riff as a booming bassline as properly as in-your-face drums clutch center stage, whereas Sarthak’s soaring singing coupled with slick backing vocals add to the pleasure of the note. Sarthak says, “It is a song a pair of first date and the anxious vitality and pleasure I felt staunch earlier than and after.” Shashwat provides, “Lyrically, it’s obtained some an identical notes because it talks about the nervousness and pleasure you with out a doubt feel on a first date. Very an identical to our nervousness and pleasure over our first starting up and how folks will reply to the song.”

The Karkare boys self-produced the note at their dwelling studio with Sarthak handling guitars, vocals, keys and synths tasks and even borrowing their Unohu bandmate Yohann Coutinho’s bass to trace the low dwell. St. Cyril tapped Mumbai alt-rockers BLEK’s frontman Rishi Bradoo to mix the song. “He [Bradoo] was a stellar need for us and he’s done an very good job with the mix and we’re very grateful for the feedback he gave us as properly,” says Sarthak.

With two more singles already written, St. Cyril is already prepping for more releases rapidly. Moreover they are concerned with taking the song live whereas plotting song movies, merch and NFTs. Sarthak says, “Since the songs moreover possess a unusual sound, they would possibly possibly possibly potentially be weak as issues in cinema and TV, so that is some other enviornment we take care of to explore.”

Faraway from St. Cyril, the pair are moreover ending up on a bunch of latest singles with Unohu whereas Sarthak moreover plans on losing an album below his solo Hindi avatar Maqta. The brothers and Coutinho possess moreover been taking part in quilt presentations honest no longer too lengthy within the past as Hasten For Duvet. “That keeps us busy gigging so we don’t secure too rusty,” says Sarthak. With a busy 2022 forward, there’s loads to see forward to from the Karkare brothers. 

Fade “Table For Two” on Spotify below and on other platforms

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