Matthew Perry Apologizes for Controversial Keanu Reeves Comments in Unique E-book: ‘I’m In actuality a Mammoth Fan’

In a chain of curiously random pot-shots, Perry questioned why Reeves “aloof walks among us”

Rolling Stone
Oct 30, 2022


Mates star Matthew Perry has apologized after facing backlash for asking why Keanu Reeves “aloof walks among us” in his original e book.

The actor, 53, launched the controversial attack in his original memoir  Mates, Followers And The Mammoth Gruesome Ingredient, which sees him originate up about his effectively-documented battles with addiction and substance abuse.

In a chain of excerpts shared sooner than the e book’s birth, Perry regarded as if it would make a choice a random shot at Matrix star Reeves when discussing the tragic passing of actors such as Heath Ledger and River Phoenix.

“River changed into as soon as a amazing man, interior and exterior — too honest for this world, it turned out. It always appears the in actual fact talented guys who high-tail down. Why is it that the distinctive thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die, but Keanu Reeves aloof walks among us?” he wrote. “River changed into as soon as an even bigger actor than me; I changed into as soon as funnier. But I indubitably held my delight in in our scenes — no little feat, when I thought inspire decades later.”

The actor, easiest known for his role as hapless Chandler Bing in the lengthy-lasting US point to, also mentioned Reeves when discussing his emotional reaction to the loss of life of unhurried SNL funny Chris Farley from an overdose in 1997.

Discussing the moment that he heard of the star’s loss of life, Perry wrote: “His illness had progressed quicker than mine had. (Plus, I had a healthy effort of the discover ‘heroin,’ a effort we did now not portion).”

“I punched a hole through Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room wall when I discovered out. Keanu Reeves walks among us. I had to promote ‘Nearly Heroes’ two weeks after he died; I discovered myself publicly discussing his loss of life from medication and alcohol. I changed into as soon as high the total time.”

The feedback sparked a correct away backlash, and Perry has now told Folks that he changed into as soon as sorry and that he had indubitably chosen the name randomly.

“I’m indubitably a big fan of Keanu,” stated the actor. “I correct selected a random name, my mistake. I enlighten regret. I might maybe presumably also simply aloof have conventional my delight in name as a replacement.”

Stand By Me star Phoenix died in 1993 after a drug overdose on the age of 23. Ledger died in 2008 on the age of 28 as a outcomes of an accidental clinical overdose.

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