Look Dave Chappelle Cowl Radiohead’s ‘Lunge’ at Taylor Hawkins Tribute

Comedian’s performance with the Foo Opponents became once fragment of tribute concert for their leisurely drummer at Los Angeles’ Kia Dialogue board

Emily Zemler
Oct 02, 2022

Dave Chappelle GAVE his only Thom Yorke impression at the Taylor Hawkins tribute impress in Los Angeles last night. The comic regarded on stage at the Kia Dialogue board leisurely in the impress to screen Radiohead’s classic “Lunge” with the Foo Opponents.

At some stage in the mediocre rendition, Chappelle entreated the crowd to hitch him, shouting, “Every person wants to dispute this shit.” After he left the stage, Foo Opponents frontman Dave Grohl added, “Didn’t ogle that one coming, did you?”

However of us who comprise adopted Chappelle would possibly per chance need essentially considered it coming. The comic covered the discover with the Foo Opponents back in 2021. And back in 2016, he sang it at Erykah Badu’s 45th birthday occasion, whereas a year later, he and Ed Sheeran performed it at an afterparty in Washington, D.C. In accordance to reports, Chappelle also sang the Pablo Honey lower all by his socially distanced July 4th comedy match in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 2020.

Foo Opponents honored Hawkins, their leisurely drummer, with a tribute concert in Los Angeles at Kia Dialogue board last night. The lineup integrated a bevy of Hawkins’ musician mates, some of whom performed at their tribute to him in London earlier in the month.

Ahead of the festivities got underway, the band addressed the viewers. “Right here’s the place of birth shit, so that you gotta intention it loud,” Grohl said, at the side of, “What we essentially wished to realize became once to pay tribute to Taylor in a style that you are going to intention of exhaust a whereas in his musical mind, which customarily is a moderately unpleasant recount. However lovely because the impress in London, we’ve all gathered right here to comprise a great time this person that has touched our lives, whether or no longer from afar or for all of his mates and family and liked ones and musician associates and heroes that are right here tonight.”

The evening kicked off with a performance from Joan Jett, performed a couple of of her classics, at the side of “Cherry Bomb” and “Unsuitable Reputation,” backed by the surviving Foo Opponents and Travis Barker on drums. Later, Miley Cyrus joined the Foos and Def Leppard for a rendition of Def Leppard’s 1983 rocker “Photo.”

Chappelle also regarded at the London tribute concert earlier this month. The comic beforehand performed “Lunge” with the Foo Opponents at Madison Square Backyard last summer season.

From Rolling Stone US.

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