Kamakshi Khanna And Sanjeeta Bhattacharya Share a Silent Duet On ‘Swimming’

In accordance to the Original Delhi musicians, the present monitor “tries to make a choice the energy of soliciting for befriend”

David Britto
Apr 12, 2022

Original Delhi singer-songwriters Kamakshi Khanna (left) and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. Checklist: @pritiza7

Perfect month, at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai, singer-songwriter Kamakshi Khanna accomplished an unreleased monitor. At the time, she launched that the present song shall be out rapidly and is a collaboration with fellow Original Delhi singer-songwriter Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. That song is the soft offering titled “Swimming,” which grow to be released in direction of the conclude of March.

Each and each Khanna and Bhattacharya procure identified every other for years by plot of the Original Delhi tune scene. Having also accomplished collectively within the previous, a collaboration between the pair continually appeared seemingly to happen. On how they teamed up for the monitor, Khanna explains, “It grow to be inspired by the feeling of spiraling for your emotions and desiring a friend to befriend you out of a tremendous receive 22 situation. I be aware calling a friend and feeling so primary lighter, and correct feeling viewed and heard after our conversation.” She provides, “They reassured me and made it more uncomplicated to settle for my emotions for what they’re.” Khanna grow to be focused on recreating that 2d by plot of song and wished one other singer-songwriter to play the position of her friend.

With Khanna listening to Bhattacharya’s 2020 single “Watercolour” on loop at the time, she despatched her a recount worth of the chorus and asked if she shall be up for writing a verse for the monitor. Bhattacharya says, “I Proper now jumped to it and the verse came to me spontaneously at some level of the hour.”

As “Swimming” took form at some level of peak pandemic events, both artists didn’t meet or even salvage on a call and wrote the song by plot of WhatsApp recount notes. “Sanjeeta and I in an instant resonated with every other and writing a song with her felt take care of having a conversation with a friend, which aligned beautifully with the opinion that of the song,” says Khanna.

Sonically, the monitor opens with soft piano aspects sooner than other aspects comparable to ukulele, guitar and percussions add to the emotion of the song, whereas both Khanna and Bhattacharya’s vocals sit rather exquisitely next to at least one another. “‘Swimming’ tries to make a choice the energy of soliciting for befriend. It’s a party of female friendships where you might per chance very properly be feeling free to let your guard down and be weak with out the pain of judgment. The song starts in a amassed and somber intention to portray the particular person struggling, feeling empty and lonely with her emotions,” says Khanna.

Bhattacharya echoes, “‘Swimming’ is an ode to the weak, soft, affectionate half of of feminine energy, celebrating relationships where you might per chance very properly be feeling free to swim for your emotions, recount potentially the most primary ones and be weak with out pain of judgment. It’s for that friend who’s aware of the categorical technique to protect patiently by plot of your highs and lows and pull you out of your procure worst developments. It’s a reminder of what remains must you might per chance very properly be feeling comparable to you’ve lost all the things.”

Mumbai musicians comparable to guitarist Apurv Isaac (of ska outfit The Fanculos), bassist Adil Kurwa (from rockers The Koniac Web and pop-rock community The Color Compound) and drummer Karun Kannampilly (also from The Koniac Web and indie rock duo Dino Siren) contributed to the song. Violinist Ajay Jayanthi also accomplished on the monitor. The full recording course of grow to be performed remotely. Khanna says, “I feel so grateful that I obtained to work with versatile musicians who understood the soft, feminine and silent intention that the song needed.“

“Swimming” also comes with calming visuals within the salvage of a tune video – directed by Parizad – that sees both singer-songwriters performing the monitor dressed in white amidst a soundless surroundings. Khanna says, “It grow to be the first time I worked with a primarily female crew and the total skills of constructing this has left me in awe of the sturdy neighborhood of girls we salvage to work and grow with.” Bhattacharya provides, “We wrote the song as an ode to the warmth of feminine friendships and right here we’re building extra as we walk.”

Subsequent, Khanna is working on a brand current single, taking part with other artists and recording extra tune, whereas Bhattacharya also has a bunch of collaborations with a quite a lot of of musicians within the works as properly as two web reveals and two characteristic motion photos she’s wrapping up. Will the 2 of them collaborate all yet again? Bhattacharya says, “I would love to write with Kamakshi all yet again because it feels so natural, and the intention is a walk. Within the event you the truth is take care of any individual, solutions stream unhinged.” Khanna is of the identical thought, announcing, “I would love to collaborate with Sanjeeta all yet again, she grow to be a pleasure to work with.”

Look the tune video for “Swimming” below and stream the song on other platforms.

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