Johnny Depp’s Authorized expert Tells Jury: “What You Hang In The Pause Is Omit Heard’s Phrase — Form You Belief It?” — Update

SECOND UPDATE: Johnny Depp’s licensed expert wrapped up their ultimate arguments by focusing in allotment on Amber Heard’s $100 million counterclaim.

Camille Vasquez told jurors that in suing Depp for defamation, Heard has to “level to that her abuse claims are now not a hoax.”

Heard’s counterclaim products and companies on statements made by Adam Waldman, who acknowledged in statements made to the Day after day Mail that Heard’s allegations of abuse had been falsified.

Vasquez acknowledged that there might perchance be “definite proof that Waldman believed that Heard dedicated a hoax.” Depp’s licensed expert additionally tried to undermine Heard’s argument that Waldman’s statements precipitated her reputational damage, arguing that her detrimental press protection had nothing to pause with the remarks.

She additionally challenged Heard’s  claims for damages, noting the testimony of Warner Bros. executive Walter Hamada, who acknowledged that the actress’ paycheck used to be now not reduced for Aquaman 2 even supposing her goal used to be reduced.

“What you’ve gotten in the cease is Omit Heard’s word — pause you trust it?” Vasquez acknowledged.

Vasquez additionally disputed Heard’s licensed expert Ben Rottenborn in his contention that the jury merely wanted to have faith one occasion of home abuse to reject Depp’s defamation case.

“Either she is telling the reality, including in her most outrageous allegations, or she is lying,” she acknowledged. Vasquez argued that in her Washington Publish op ed, Heard used to be alleging bodily and sexual abuse by Depp, now not mere emotional abuse.

She additionally addressed Depp’s textual speak messages, some of which feeble graphic, violent language about Heard. Her merely crew brought these up a pair of times at some stage in the trial. In a single message to Paul Bettany, Depp wrote, “Let’s drown her sooner than we burn her!!! I could fher burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she is dreary.”

Vasquez argued that the messages mirrored Depp’s “distinctive style of writing,” modeled on Hunter S. Thompson.

Acknowledging that the style is now not “all people’s cup of tea,” Vasquez acknowledged, “The utilization of noxious language…would now not design you an abuser.”

UPDATE: Johnny Depp’s licensed expert told jurors that Amber Heard’s allegations of home abuse don’t design sense provided that the actor has now not been accused by any totally different girl of bodily assault.

“Before Amber Heard, no females ever … claimed Mr. Depp raised a hand to her in his 58 years,” licensed expert Benjamin Bite told jurors, additionally noting that no girl since Heard has raised allegations.

“Right here is MeToo with none MeToo.”

He acknowledged that Depp supported the MeToo circulate, but argued that the circulate used to be for “vivid survivors of abuse.”

“Mr. Depp used to be canceled because Omit Heard falsely accused him of home violence,” Bite acknowledged. 

In his argument, Bite additionally acknowledged that Depp “will not be any saint.” “He owns his flaws he admits to them, but he’s now not a violent abuser,” he acknowledged.

Depp admitted to drug addiction, but Bite acknowledged “there might perchance be a global of distinction between having substance abuse complications and being a bodily abuser.”

Earlier in the Depp crew’s closing argument, yet any other of Depp’s attorneys, Camille Vasquez, made the case that it’s the actor, now not Amber Heard, who used to be the sufferer of “power verbal, emotional and bodily abuse.”

“There is a sufferer of home abuse on this courtroom, and it’s miles never Omit Heard,” Vasquez told the jury.

Vasquez notorious that Friday marked six years since Heard went to court to develop a home violence restraining issue against Depp, following an argument at their downtown Los Angeles penthouse.

However Vasquez called the scene at the courthouse “a quandary up,” claiming that Heard orchestrated press protection to make sure photographers might perchance well well be there to comprehend photos of her bruised face. She claimed that Depp struck her with a phone. However Vasquez urged that Heard staged her injuries, and that “the realm very most sensible saw what she wanted them to appear at.”

“Precisely six years later, we quiz you to offer Mr. Depp his life wait on,” Vasquez acknowledged.

When Heard filed for divorce that very same month six years in the past, Vasquez acknowledged, she didn’t prefer honest the dissolution of their marriage, “She wanted to waste him.”

Vasquez replayed audio clips of Heard at some stage in arguments with Depp, by which she is heard laughing and apparently taunting her husband.

Vasquez acknowledged that “it’s Omit Heard that assuredly admits to violence,” she acknowledged, relating to an audio recording by which Heard talked of placing Depp. By distinction, Vasquez acknowledged, Depp by no come admitted to any bodily violence against Heard.

Depp sued Heard for $50 million over a December, 2018, op ed in the Washington Publish by which she wrote that “two years in the past, I grew to grow to be a public figure representing home abuse, and I felt the paunchy power of our custom’s wrath for females who discuss out.” Heard countersued for $100 million over claims that she made up her abuse allegations.

Before the oral arguments began, Make a dedication Penney Azcarate suggested the jury on the technique for reaching a verdict, reflecting the excessive bar that every aspect has for proving their case. In Depp’s case, the jury has to bear in mind three statements Heard made in the Washington Publish op ed and, in each occasion whether or now not they his aspect has confirmed seven parts. They consist of whether or now not the statements consult with Depp, whether or now not they’re defamatory, whether or now not they’re unfaithful, and whether or now not they issue precise malice.

Heard faces a the same burden of proof, and the jury has to preserve whether or now not her attorneys agree with confirmed 5 totally different parts. They’re going to bear in mind three totally different statements, including these made by Adam Waldman, claiming that Heard’s abuse claims had been a hoax. They additionally need to search out out whether or now not Waldman used to be acting as an agent for Depp.

Depp and Heard had been each display cloak in the courtroom for the closing arguments.

Bite acknowledged that the Washington Publish op ed used to be clearly about Depp. and that Heard used to be “trading on her accusations of abuse” against him for a fresh goal as an ACLU ambassador on home violence. He acknowledged that the op ed’s impact had a transparent impact on Depp’s popularity, citing USA At the moment protection of the essay that referred to Heard’s earlier allegations against him.”

Vasquez cast Heard as a manipulative figure and cited testimony on the actress’ emotional and psychological allege. She called Heard a “deeply taken aback person” who craved attention.

Vasquez even urged that after Heard used to be on the think stand, she faked some of her most emotional moments, contending that even when the actress used to be crying, there had been no tears. Vasquez cited testimony from an acting coach who acknowledged Heard had grief faking such maintain outbursts.

“It used to be a efficiency,” Vasquez acknowledged of Heard’s testimony.

Vasquez notorious that there had been no clinical files of Heard’s allegations of bodily abuse.

Vasquez ran thru what she characterized as inconsistencies in Heard’s claims, running thru her explicit allegations of abuse. She showed the jury images of Heard, attempting happy and jovial, taken on Dec. 15, 2015, when she appeared on The Leisurely Leisurely Advise with James Corden. Heard claimed that, honest sooner than that appearance, she had been physically abused by Depp, who struck her and pulled out a clump of her hair. “Are [the Corden photos] per the brutal assault and serious injuries that Omit Heard testified to?” Vasquez asked the jury.

She additionally showed aspect-by-aspect images of Heard taken on Might perchance presumably 21, 2016. That used to be the night that Depp and Heard had the argument that in the waste resulted in the cease of their marriage. Some of the photos showed Heard with redness on her face, which she acknowledged used to be because of Depp’s placing her with a phone. The totally different didn’t issue the redness. Vasquez challenged Heard’s express that they had been two separate images — the pretty loads of being that a light-weight used to be turned on in a single — by noting that they “had been taken at the precise same time and agree with the same submitting.”

“These images are now to now not be depended on,” she acknowledged.

Vasquez acknowledged that what Heard’s aspect showed used to be a “mountain of unproven allegations.”

“Either she is a sufferer of in truth noxious abuse or she is a girl who’s bright to explain fully one thing else,” she acknowledged.

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