Jay Leno Seen Bandaged Up In Hyperbaric Chamber After His Vehicle Burst Into Flames

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Comic and actor Jay Leno, 72, allowed Internal Edition to film him while he recovers inner a hyperbaric chamber following his burn accident on Nov. 13 (search for VIDEO HERE.) The preferred TV host became once seen inner the chamber with bandages on his left arm that went up to his elbow and his vivid hand completely covered. Jay wore a blue clinic costume and became once barefoot while inner the medical instrument on Wednesday afternoon. He’s currently convalescing from a tragic burn accident that took scheme on Sunday, following a gas leak in his 1907 White Steam Vehicle.

Jay Leno
Jay Leno suffered burns to his face, fingers, & chest as a outcomes of a vehicle fireplace on Nov. 13. (SplashNews)

Even though Jay did not talk in the clip, his doctor, Dr. Peter Grossman, shared with the knowledge outlet concerning the 72-twelve months-veteran’s web web protest as we sing. He explained that the hyperbaric chamber is serious in Jay’s restoration. “It helps decrease swelling, it helps amplify blood waft with accurate oxygenation and it helps decrease bacteria,” the medical skilled said. Jay suffered burns on his face, fingers, as effectively as his chest, per the outlet.

Dr. Grossman additionally confirmed that the weak Tonight Prove host has already bought skin grafts following the accident. “He’s had skin grafts that are not his cling, that way skin that we have gotten in our skin bank,” he explained. “That’s what we before the entirety place as a major stage.” Dr. Grossman additionally published that Jay is decided to undergo yet any other course of later in the week. As effectively as, the doctor said that Jay is “up and walking round” as effectively as making jokes with everyone. Jay even made certain to spread joy in the clinic and handed out cookies to youngsters that had been additionally in the burn heart.

jay leno
Jay Leno is an actor, comic, and weak host of ‘The Tonight Prove.’ (Janet Mayer / SplashNews.com)

When the incident occurred on Sunday, Jay spoke to TMZ about his accidents and confirmed they are “third-stage” level burns. He told the outlet that he became once engaged on the 115-twelve months-veteran vehicle to accommodate a “clogged gas line” when it burst into flames. The gas sprayed him on his face and fingers, nonetheless fortuitously his fair appropriate friend, Dave, became once nearby to relieve. Jay’s fair appropriate friend “jumped on him” in expose to “smother” the flames, and per chance saved his existence.

The actor’s wife, Mavis Leno, 76, reportedly appeared “somber” when she visited Jay at the clinic on Wednesday. The medical professionals said that Jay’s scarring will be visible for the “foreseeable future” and that “maybe below no conditions” down the freeway. Dr. Grossman assured viewers that Jay needs with a view to cling a beefy restoration soon, and anticipates it taking much less than “months.” He explained, “As I’m attending to procure out about Jay, I don’t assume it’s gonna be months – I in actuality assume he’s the vogue of guy whose accurate going to transfer ahead.”

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