India vs Sri Lanka, 1st Take a look at, Day 2 Are residing Ranking: Ravindra Jadeja Hits Century As India Continue To Dominate

IND vs SL 1st Take a look at, Day 2 Highlights: Sri Lanka 108/4 at stumps; Path India by 466 runs.© BCCI

IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2 Highlights: Sri Lanka get themselves in all kinds of peril at stumps on Day 2 of the ongoing first Take a look at at the IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali. At stumps, Sri Lanka had been 108/4, and path India by 466 runs. For India, Ravichandran Ashwin took two wickets whereas Ravindra Jadeja and Jasprit Bumrah picked up a wicket each. Earlier, Ravindra Jadeja scored an unbeaten 175 as India declared their first innings for a large entire of 574 for 8 within the first innings. This was Jadeja’s occupation-most intriguing obtain, and likewise the most practical possible by an Indian player batting at no. 7, India had been 357 for 6 at stumps on Day 1 of the ongoing first Take a look at. On Day 1, Rishabh Pant scored a whirlwind 96 off just 97 balls after Hanuma Vihari had played a valid knock of 58. Virat Kohli, who’s taking half in in his 100th Take a look at, also looked cheerful within the route of his protect at the crease, earlier than Lasith Embuldeniya castled him on 45. For Sri Lanka, Suranga Lakmal, Vishwa Fernando and Lasith Embuldeniya took two wickets eachi. (SCORECARD)

India XI: Rohit Sharma (captain), Mayank Agarwal, Hanuma Vihari, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant (wicketkeeper), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Jayant Yadav.

Sri Lanka XI: Dimuth Karunaratna (captain), Lahiru Thirimanne, Pathum Nisanka, Angelo Mathews, Dhananjay de Silva, Charith Aslanka, Niroshan Dikwella (wk), Suranga Lakmal, Lasith Embuldeniya, Vishwa Fernando, Lahiru Kumara

Listed below are the Highlights of Day 2 of the first India vs Sri Lanka Take a look at from the IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali

  • 17: 04 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: STUMPS!

    That’s the tip of the day’s play. A just day for India. After dominating with the bat, India also tackle to scalp wickets, leaving Sri Lanka quite quite a bit of ground to duvet on Day 3. They path India by 466 runs.

    Ranking; SL: 108/4

  • 16: 49 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: GONE! LBW!

    De Silva misses his sweep. Given out, and he’s now not reviewing it. It’s if truth be told rotund, has pitched just exterior off, would now not admire the different to flip previous the stumps because of the the rotund length. Plumb in entrance. Huge wicket for India.

    Dhananjaya de Silva lbw b Ashwin 1 (8)

    Are residing Ranking; SL: 103/4

  • 16: 33 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: OUT!

    This time he gets his man. Enchantment for lbw, given out, and Mathews review. Nonetheless, it was a marginal call and the umpire’s call comes to India’s support. Bumrah strikes

    Angelo Mathews lbw b Bumrah 22 (39)

    Are residing Ranking; SL: 96/3

  • 16: 20 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: SIX RUNS!

    A cramped pitched up. Matthews goes over the raze. Nice shot to originate a number of the stress. He just lofts it over mid-off for a six.

    Are residing Ranking; SL: 91/2

  • 16: 14 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: REPRIEVE FOR NISSANKA!

    UNBELIEVABLE! Bumrah concept that he had Nissanka. Nonetheless, he has overstepped. Nissanka was solely fooled by the slower one, which went on to rattle the heart stump. Nonetheless, it be a no ball from Bumrah.

    Are residing Ranking; SL: 81/2

  • 15: 51 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: FOUR RUNS!

    Overpitched. The batter quite moves away from the ball nonetheless he has nailed the force, appropriate off the heart of the bat. By way of duvet it goes for a four.

    Are residing Ranking; SL: 67/2

  • 15: 44 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: WICKET!

    Jadeja strikes. This time he is caught on the abet foot on the defence and has been given. Karunaratne has to go. He reviewed it nonetheless the decision stays. Huge wicket for India.

    Dimuth Karunaratne lbw b Jadeja 28 (71)

    Are residing Ranking; SL: 59/2

  • 15: 34 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: FOUR LB’s

    Tried to attack the stumps nonetheless misses his line. Searching a length, a splash too straight, and he has glanced it the usage of it his attitude and his tempo. Four runs

    Are residing Ranking; SL: 58/1

  • 15: 26 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: Two runs, 50-up for Sri Lanka

    Ashwin tosses a rotund transport and Nissanka gets an interior edge. It goes previous the wicketkeeper. Two runs.

    50-up for Sri Lanka after 18.5 overs.

  • 15: 16 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: OUT! RAVICHANDRAN ASHWIN GETS THE BREAKTHROUGH!

    A length transport by Ashwin, around off. Thiramanne gets overwhelmed on the within edge and the influence was in entrance of off and the ball would admire hit the heart. Sri Lanka also lose their review.

    L Thirimanne lbw b R Ashwin 17 (60)

    In walks, P Nissanka.

  • 15: 07 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: FOUR | Sri Lanka: 46/0

    Ashwin tosses it up and Karunaratne drives it through extra duvet for a four!

    After 17 overs, Sri Lanka: 46/0

  • 15: 00 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: No walk | Sri Lanka: 39/0

    A length transport by Yadav, and Karunaratne is caught at the crease and manages to ship his bat the entire style down to protect it away.

    After 14 overs, Sri Lanka: 39/0

  • 14: 58 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: No ball, four runs!

    A rotund transport by Yadav and Karunaratne directs it between the non-striker and mid-on for a four. Additionally, Yadav overstepped and its a no-ball too.

  • 14: 57 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: FOUR!

    Karunaratne assaults this transport by Yadav and smacks it over the bowler’s head. There isn’t this type of thing as a elevation and its a four!

  • 14: 49 (IST)

    IND vs SL, 1st Take a look at, Day 2, Are residing Updates: No walk | Sri Lanka: 24/0

    A flighted transport by Ashwin, exterior off. Thirimanne tries to force it nonetheless mistimes his shot to Ashwin.

    After 11 overs, Sri Lanka: 24/0

  • 14: 17 (IST)


    Shami bowls it fuller around off, Thirimanne leans into the force and sends it between the bowler and mid-off. Very ideal timing on the shot. No chance for the fielder.

    Are residing Ranking; SL: 12/0

  • 13: 55 (IST)


    India captain Rohit Sharma has declared mid-over. Jadeja finishes unbeaten on 175. India prove with 574 for 8. Sri Lanka admire 15 minutes to bat earlier than tea. Oh grasp on, they’ve taken tea. 

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 574/8 (R Jadeja: 175*, M Shami 20*)

  • 13: 22 (IST)


    Jadeja pummels this properly. A slower ball, swings all around the road. He goes over midwicket for a boundary. Easy pickings.

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 539/8 

  • 13: 08 (IST)


    Dhananjaya fired it in around off stump, Jadeja cleared his entrance leg and managed to acquire under it to originate it over the long-off boundary. 150 up for Jadeja. 50-walk partnership nonetheless Shami is but to begin his account

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 525/8

  • 12: 52 (IST)


    Length ball down the leg aspect. Jadeja goes down on one knee and sweeps it difficult and practical. The deep-backward sq. leg tries to flick it interior nonetheless fails. 500 up for India.

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 503/9

  • 12: 52 (IST)


    Shimmies down the music, gets to the pitch of the ball and launches it over the bowler’s head. His first six of the innings. India one immediate of 500.

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 499/8

  • 12: 42 (IST)


    That was all about timing. Too rotund and too straight and Jadeja just items the rotund face of the bat. Such was the timing, the long-on fielder didn’t even peril trying to cleave it off

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 490/8

  • 12: 41 (IST)


    That’s easy pickings for India and Jadeja. Searching length exterior off, Jadeja delays the cleave and opens the face of the bat to walk it previous gully.

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 486/8

  • 12: 31 (IST)


    Pitched in and around the waist length. Jadeja tries to pull this over deep midwicket. As an different, he finds and interior edge and the ball races down the practical-leg boundary for a four.

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 476/8

  • 12: 26 (IST)


    Fuller and wider this time. Jayant follows the attitude and hangs his bat out. Will get a healthy exterior edge and Thirimanne takes a light, low take before the entire lot skedaddle. 

    Jayant Yadav c Thirimanne b Fernando 2 (18)

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 471/8

  • 11: 42 (IST)


    A dominant session for India to this level. Ravindra Jadeja reached his century just after R Ashwin departed. But it completely’s been a practical crew performance to this level. India proceed to pile the runs as Sri Lanka  fight.

    Are residing Ranking; IND:  468/7

  • 11: 31 (IST)

    100 UP FOR JADEJA!

    What an innings this has been from Jadeja. He reaches his 2nd Take a look at ton with a single. Flat, on a length, presents him width, Jadeja opens the face, takes the one. He brings out his trademark sword obtain collectively.

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 463/7

  • 11: 27 (IST)


    A sharper one. Ashwin peaceable tries to pull it nonetheless this one gets high ample, head high, to make a choice the raze edge through to Dickwella.

    Ashwin c Dickwella b Lakmal 61 (82)

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 462/7

  • 11: 23 (IST)

    Pitched immediate, just under the shoulder height. Ashwin pulls this in entrance of sq., through midwicket for four

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 462/6

  • 11: 19 (IST)


    What a shot from Jadeja. Easy pickings. Half of-volley with some width, and he push-drives it with an delivery face between mid-off and duvet. Jadeja moves to 97.

    Are residing Ranking; IND: 456/6

  • 11: 05 (IST)

    Ravichandran Ashwin Rankings Fifty

    Ravichandran Ashwin gets to his fifty. What a unheard of innings this has been from the all-rounder, his 12th in Take a look at cricket. 

  • 10: 48 (IST)

    Jadeja Will get Drugs On Honest Wrist

    Some complications with Jadeja it appears to be like. The physio is equipped treating him on the last observe wrist. He is ready to bat now. Most definitely a cramped cramp there.

  • 10: 38 (IST)

    Jadeja, Ashwin Continue Correct Work

    India admire already scored 58 runs in just 15 overs within the morning session of Day 2, scoring at nearly 4 runs per over. The afflict to Lahiru Kumara is de facto hurting Sri Lanka. Their bowling attack appear toothless at the 2nd.

  • 10: 28 (IST)

    400 Up for India

    Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin admire taken India previous 400. Right here is looking out for and extra ominous for Sri Lanka now. Each Ashwin and Jadeja seem like in no discomfort at all.

  • 10: 21 (IST)

    IND vs SL Are residing Ranking: Jadeja And Ashwin Stable

    Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin’s sure fifty-walk partnership admire given India an unheard of originate on Day 2 of the India vs Sri Lanka 1st Take a look at in Mohali. Jadeja reached his fifty early on and since then has looked very solid. Ashwin, at the opposite raze, has been solid as ever. India’s healthy scoring price has persisted on Day 2.

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