‘Home Of The Dragon’ Recap: Daemon Defends Rhaenyra & Kills A Traitor

House of the Dragon

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Home of the Dragon episode 8 begins with the demonstrate that Corlys Velaryon has been gravely injured and now has blood fever. His situation has his brother, Vaemond, questioning who will bewitch the Driftwood throne. Rhaenys, who hasn’t considered her husband in 6 years, says the plot has constantly been for the seat to dart to Luke once Corlys dies. “I’m the Sea Snake’s hold blood,” Vaemond tells Rhaenys, who aspects out that his words will be taken as treason.

“I discuss the fact, Rhaenys, and you realize it,” he adds. Vaemond thinks that Corlys cares “perfect for the historical past books,” whereas he’s intriguing by the Velaryon line. He wants Driftmark. “The winds hold shifted. The crown has accurate reason to bewitch my aspect,” Vaemond says. Rhaenys is aware of Viserys would hold Vaemond’s tongue for what he’s announcing. Vaemond snaps that Viserys isn’t ruling this expose day. It’s Alicent and Otto.

Vaemond Velaryon in episode 8. (HBO)

Over in Dragonstone, Daemon finds Syrax’s most modern clutch of eggs. Baela writes from Driftmark warning him of what’s occurring with Vaemond. Jace has grown up lots and is now attempting to learn High Valryian.

Daemon finds Rhaenyra and reveals her the letter from Baela. Rhaenys goes to King’s Landing, which makes Rhaenyra jumpy that Rhaenys will lend a hand Vaemond. Daemon is aware of that obtained’t occur, but Rhaenyra aspects out that Rhaenys thinks they’d Laenor killed so they’d perchance marry.

She is aware of that Alicent and Otto are ruling in her father’s name. Daemon accompanies her to King’s Landing. When they arrive, it doesn’t feel enjoy dwelling. Alicent is running the small council assembly. The Driftmark topic comes up. Alicent says they’ll hear Rhaenyra out on the side of the others.

Rhaenyra & Daemon Return To King’s Landing

Rhaenyra and Daemon dart to appear Viserys in his chambers. Initially, Daemon stays outside Viserys’ room, virtually as if he’s alarmed of what he’ll survey. Viserys is extremely sick and seems to be fully unrecognizable. Rhaenyra helps her father up as Daemon involves stand by her aspect. It’s complex for Daemon to appear his brother enjoy this.

They level to what’s occurring with Corlys and the petition over the Driftmark throne. “That you could perchance very successfully be to speak your individual dwelling for Luke,” Daemon says to Viserys. Rhaenyra introduces her father to her boys with Daemon, Aegon and Viserys. “That is a reputation fit for a king,” Viserys whispers about the grandson who has his name.

The distress turns into too a lot for Viserys to delight in, and he asks for his tea. Daemon takes a sniff of it and turns into anxious by what’s in it.

Olivia Cooke
Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower. (HBO)

Within the meantime, Alicent learns that something has took whisper in Aegon’s chambers. There’s a taken aback young serving woman named Dyana who claims that she used to be sexually assaulted by Aegon. Alicent says that she believes Dyana, but it doesn’t switch what she has to enact. Alicent provides Dyana money and moon tea to salvage her silence.

Alicent storms into Aegon’s room to confront him. “That you could perchance very successfully be no son of mine,” Alicent spits in her son’s face. Aegon is clearly taken aback of his mother. “I did no longer build a inquire of to for this,” Aegon tells his mother about his lot in existence. “I attempt so laborious, but it could perchance perhaps also no longer ever be sufficient for you or father.”

Rhaenyra and Daemon discuss Viserys’ situation and the device he’s taken a turn for the worse. Alicent comes into Viserys’ chambers. She at present notices Rhaenyra’s scar. They delivery up about their worries over Viserys’ therapy. Daemon implies that there will be ulterior motives at play.

Rhaenyra Begs Her Father To Defend Her

Luke and Jace tour the grounds they grew up in. Luke is troubled about how this Driftmark topic goes to dart down. He is aware of this wouldn’t be a question if he looked extra enjoy Laenor than Harwin. Jace tells him that it doesn’t topic what varied of us think, perfect the king.

Vaemond quickly arrives to get his exclaim. He meets with Otto and Alicent. Otto says that the “threat of battle looms” and advocates for Vaemond over Luke. Rhaenys makes her formulation to King’s Landing as successfully and reunites with Rhaena.

Rhaenyra and Rhaenys get the prospect to talk. Rhaenyra realizes that Rhaenys has technique to imply for herself. She thinks this total topic is a trap to exclaim that Luke is illegitimate. Rhaenys mute thinks that Rhaenyra had something to enact with Laenor’s “death.” Rhaenyra stays composed about the fact and stresses that she loved Laenor. “I did no longer expose his death,” she says.

House of the Dragon
Rhaenyra and Daemon stand subsequent to Rhaenys. (HBO)

Rhaenyra wants to get Rhaenys an provide. She wants to betroth Jace and Luke to Baela and Rhaena. Baela will in the end be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, whereas Luke and Rhaena rule Driftmark. Rhaenys doesn’t are looking out to listen to Rhaenyra’s bargaining. “Tomorrow the Hightowers land their first blow. They power you to your knees, and I must stand on my own,” Rhaenys says.

Unhurried within the night, Rhaenyra goes to appear Viserys. She’s shut to tears talking to her father about The Tune of Ice & Fire prophecy. She admits that by him naming her inheritor he divided the realm. “I belief I needed it, but the burden is a heavy one. It’s too heavy,” Rhaenyra cries to her father. Viserys calls Rhaenyra his “perfect runt one.” Rhaenyra pleads with her father, “If you occur to pray me to delight in it, then defend me and my childhood.”

Viserys is quandary to hold dinner alongside with his whole family. He’s intriguing to suffer grueling distress to get it occur. The king is a shell of his worn self. He’s emaciated and extinct. Otto wants him to drink milk of the poppy but Viserys refuses.

Vaemond Attacks Rhaenyra & Daemon Retaliates

Otto stands sooner than the Iron Throne sooner than sitting down. He’s going to be the one to listen to the petitions over Driftmark. Vaemond is up first. “The apt, unimpeachable blood of Home Velaryon runs via my veins,” Vaemond says in entrance of Rhaenyra, Daemon, Luke, and everybody else.

Rhaenyra rapidly chimes in to defend her son, announcing that Vaemond is extra healthy talking for himself and his hold ambition. Alicent snaps that Vaemond deserves to be heard, and Rhaenyra will get her turn. Vaemond turns to Rhaenyra and says that here’s about the survival of his Home, no longer hers.

Rhaenyra is up subsequent. As she is about to delivery, Viserys makes a surprise appearance. Otto is taken aback and at present steps down from the Iron Throne. Viserys is wearing a gold-plated veil on the wonderful aspect of his face. He makes the poke via the hall by himself, taking the whole vitality he has left. He seems to be over at Rhaenyra sooner than announcing to Otto, “I will sit down the throne this present day.”

Viserys begins to climb the stairs to the Iron Throne by himself. His crown falls off as he stumbles. Daemon is there to expend it up and helps him the rest of the device up. He places the crown lend a hand on Viserys’ head.

Viserys doesn’t realize all this confusion over settled succession. The most effective one who can provide insight into Corlys’ situation is Rhaenys, and he or she steps forward to talk. Rhaenys says that it’s constantly been Corlys’ plot for Driftmark to dart from Leanor to his apt-born son, Lucerys. “His mind by no formulation modified, nor did my toughen of him,” Rhaenys broadcasts.

She brings up that Rhaenyra wants to betroth Jace and Luke to Baela and Rhaena. She “heartily” concurs with this match. Viserys reaffirms that Luke is the following Lord of the Tides, but Vaemond exact can’t let it dart. He tells Viserys that he “broke centuries of custom to call Rhaenyra as inheritor.” He refuses to permit anyone to expose him who will inherit the name Velaryon. Viserys urges Vaemond to lend a hand down.

“That is no longer any apt Velaryon, and undoubtedly no nephew of mine,” Vaemond says to Luke’s face. Viserys doesn’t sway. “Lucerys is my apt-born grandson. That you could perchance very successfully be no bigger than the second son of Driftmark,” Viserys says. Vaemond’s pleasure gets basically the most easy of him. He says that refuses to appear his home discontinuance but doesn’t get his sentence. Daemon tells Vaemond to get what he wants to exclaim. Vaemond calls Rhaenyra’s childhood “bastards” in entrance of everyone.

“Her childhood are bastards! And he or she is a whore,” Vaemond spits at Rhaenyra. Viserys stands as a lot as defend his daughter. “I will hold your tongue for that,” Viserys says. Daemon decapitates Vaemond sooner than anything else will also be stated. “He can retain his tongue,” Daemon broadcasts enjoy a apt KING after killing Vaemond. Aemond seems to be over at Daemon enjoy a nephew good sufficient with his uncle.

By surprise, Viserys is overcome with monumental distress. He mutters that he mute wants to quandary issues correct. After the drama over Driftmark, Rhaenys watches the maesters bewitch care of Vaemond’s body. She doesn’t care about taking a look death straight within the face.

Viserys Unites His Family… For A Brief Whereas

Viserys mute makes it to the family dinner. Rhaenyra is to his left, whereas Alicent is to his correct. Viserys toasts to the betrothals of Jace and Luke to Baela and Rhaena. Aegon begins to weirdly taunt Jace about sex. Rhaena sweetly tells Luke that he’ll be a “monumental” Lord of the Tides.

Viserys stands up in entrance of the family to get a speech. He is aware of all too successfully how his family has grown some distance away from every other. He takes off his gold-plated face plate and reveals the horrible correct aspect of his face.

“My hold face is no longer any longer an attractive one if indeed it ever used to be. Tonight, I wish you to appear me as I’m. Not exact a king but your father, your brother, your husband, and your grandsire. Who could perchance perhaps also no longer it seems to be plod for a lot longer amongst you,” he begins. “Allow us to no longer wait on sick emotions in our hearts. The crown cannot stand sturdy if the Home of the Dragon stays divided. Field aside your grievances. If no longer for the sake of the crown, but for the sake of this extinct man who loves you all so dearly.”

Right here’s Viserys’ final stand. Alicent is taking a look over at Rhaenyra, but Rhaenyra doesn’t look lend a hand. Rhaenyra stands up after her father to resolve her glass to Alicent. “I enjoy my father, but I must admit that no-one has stood extra loyally by his aspect than his accurate wife. She has tended to him with unfailing devotion, love, and honor. And for that, she has my gratitude and my apology,” Rhaenyra says. Alicent returns the accurate gesture and raises her cup to Rhaenyra. “That you could perchance get a stunning queen,” Alicent tells Rhaenyra.

Tom Glynn Carney
Tom Glynn-Carney as Prince Aegon Targaryen. (HBO)

After the toasts from the folks, Aegon continues to taunt Jace once more by announcing something wrong to Baela. Jace slams his hand against the desk and stands up. Aemond rises ready for a fight. Jace takes the excessive avenue and raises his glass to Aegon and Aemond. He hopes to be company and allies within the years yet to approach. “To you as successfully,” Aegon says, luminous tubby successfully that Jace is the larger man.

Helaena, who is bigger than reasonably tipsy, toasts to Baela and Rhaena about their betrothals. “It isn’t so unpleasant, mostly he exact ignores you. Excluding every on occasion when he’s inebriated,” Helaena says. Jace gets up from the desk and asks Helaena to dance.

Viserys Makes A Grave Mistake In His Closing Moments

Viserys’ distress begins to worsen, so he’s taken from the room. Luke begins laughing, which Aemond takes as a miniature at him. He stands up and toasts to his nephews. “Each and every of them sexy, wise, sturdy,” he begins sooner than calling them “three sturdy boys.” A fight breaks out amongst the childhood. Even Alicent is offended that Aemond is stirring up bother.

Daemon steps in sooner than issues dart any extra. He provides an mammoth articulate, luminous that he’s going to hold his arms tubby with Aemond. Rhaenyra tells Alicent that it’s likely perfect for her family to dart lend a hand to Dragonstone. She guarantees to appear the childhood dwelling after which return on dragonback. “The king and I’d each and every enjoy that,” Alicent says.

Ewan Mitchell
Ewan Mitchell as Aemond Targaryen. (HBO)

Within the meantime, Mysaria has a sleek search for lurking within the Crimson Take care of. You know she’s obtained eyes in all places. After the dinner, Alicent provides Viserys extra milk of the poppy. He begins murmuring about The Tune of Ice & Fire prophecies and the “prince that used to be promised.” He’s talking in a jumbled mess, citing Aegon’s name but no longer announcing he’s talking about Aegon the Conqueror, so the tubby picture isn’t painted.

“It is you. That you could perchance very successfully be the one. Or no longer it could perchance perhaps be compulsory to enact this,” Viserys says to Alicent pondering that she’s Rhaenyra. This adjustments all the pieces. “I realize, my king,” Alicent says sooner than leaving him. Later within the night, Viserys is whispering to himself “no extra” in bed. After a lot fight, King Viserys dies fully on my own. He dies having no belief the chaos his death goes to motive for his family that he desperately tried to unite in his final days.

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