Holding Oceans, Planting Trees, Reducing Waste and Rocking Out: Mahindra Independence Rock Teams Up with Seagram’s 100 Pipers Glassware Play For a Space off

The social and environmental platform by Seagram’s 100 Pipers has enlisted I-Rock favorites treasure Indus Creed, Zero and Parikrama to champion eco causes

(From top to bottom) Parikrama, Zero and Indus Creed are segment of Play For a Space off at Mahindra Independence Rock this year.

As we shut to the return of Mahindra Independence Rock competition this weekend in Mumbai – taking plight on November fifth and sixth at Bayview Lawns in Mazgaon – there’s a original, environmentally-conscious dimension added to the rock occasion.

Seagram’s 100 Pipers’ social and environmental platform Play For A Space off – which has been guilty for some well-known particular person-studded performances and are dwelling collaborations throughout the nation within the previous – is partnering with Independence Rock to invent awareness with rock bands treasure Indus Creed, Zero and Parikrama within the mix.

As segment of this initiative, Parikrama will doubtless be elevating their train and toughen for ecological regeneration, whereas Zero will abet in an strive to operate I-Rock a zero-waste occasion and Indus Creed are batting for reducing the exhaust of single-exhaust plastics that invariably end up polluting the ocean.

Beyond the most sharp region off for a band treasure Zero, the bands original that these are indispensable region off that resonates with them. While awareness thru digital campaigns and at the competition is segment of the plan to empower attendees to actively take part in environmentally pleasant practices, there’s more to it. Parikrama’s Creep Inexperienced initiative will involve each festivalgoer receiving a guitar salvage in a seed paper envelope as a memento to plant. “With this Play For a Space off initiative, we desire to power dwelling the belief that we desire to are dwelling more harmoniously with nature. It’s about safeguarding the future of the human species and recognizing that we’re a segment of nature, no longer spoil free it,” Parikrama says in an announcement.

Ambiance sustainability firm Skrap is working to operate I-Rock a zero-waste occasion with awareness coming in from Zero, whereas Indus Creed will focus on the exhaust of rice husk glasses and steel straws at the gig. Zero said of their statement, “By supporting this Play for A Space off initiative, we hope to abet other folk price the precept of zero waste – Reuse, upcycle, repurpose.” Indus Creed said of the initiative, “We’re hoping to operate a distinction by encouraging all americans to ponder how indispensable the sector’s oceans are to our very survival and enact their bit to defend and put them.”

See the bands focus on championing their eco-pleasant causes below.

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