Hennessy India and Rolling Stone India Near Together to Bring Stories of Hip-Hop Creators to Lifestyles: Final Hip-Hop Podcast:’Freestyle’

The multi-artist podcast will characteristic in fashion hip-hop stars admire Raftaar, Dino James, Fotty Seven, Dee MC, KR$NA and Karma, and may per chance well fair aloof be hosted by Executive Editor Nirmika Singh.

If hip-hop is the language of the opposite folks, Rolling Stone India is the medium thru which the soul of the genre travels.

For years, Rolling Stone India has been the front-runner for all things hip-hop, empowering artists with a platform to portion and maximize the reach of their journeys within the tune industry. A declare reflection of our ethos, spotlighting prominent and emerging hip-hop artists has been the riding power right here at Rolling Stone India. Be it thru uncommon shroud reports that includes sport changers from all the design in which thru the nation or thru our flagship projects, we predict about in uplifting a neighborhood of artists who continue to fuel India with their unfiltered and raw energy, ardour and abilities.

In sync with the the same ardour and attitude, Rolling Stone India has partnered with Hennessy to originate Freestyle, India’s final hip-hop podcast aimed toward impacting India’s cultural and musical spaces. Hennessy’s name has been synonymous with hip-hop for decades now, with its widely-acknowledged patronage and devour for rap and road custom. With Freestyle, the companions purpose for the dialog series to be the epi-centre of Indian hip-hop’s solutions and aspirations, with each visitor artist offering appealing views and deep inspiration, all wrapped in candid camaraderie and bonhomie. 

Hennessy, the #1 selling Cognac imprint within the field, has a long standing custom of taking part with rap icons such as Nas, Tupac, Mobb Deep and Busta Rhymes, in step with this be conscious of associations this marks a first-rate in India, as Hennessy India helps their unusual partnership with Rolling Stone with a proficient roster of hip hop artists . In a PR native climate that’s more and more recordsdata-driven and all in favour of sales, Hennessy’s neighborhood basically based associations helps abet and highlight the work of native abilities, offering a platform, to thereby build and give a boost to relevance in native communities animated loyalty and imprint advocacy.

The six-episode dialog series aspects the head custom shapers from Indian hip-hop: Raftaar, Dino James, KR$NA, Fotty Seven, Karma and Dee MC.

Gaze the teaser below:

Filmed in Mumbai on the center of an artist’s artistic den — a recording studio — Freestyle aspects Singh in freewheeling chats with the stars, unravelling their artistic layers and presenting their most extremely efficient and vulnerable cores.

Says Nirmika Singh, Executive Editor, Rolling Stone India, “The center of hip-hop lies in dialog and connection. India is for the time being witnessing a aesthetic hip-hop revolution and we are looking out for to acquire each and each of its nuance, epic and milestone in ‘Freestyle’. Our partnership with Hennessy has been in actual fact empowering to the genre and to the artists.”

Smriti Sekhsaria,  Head Advertising and marketing at Moët Hennessy India says “Our approach with the Hennessy x Rolling Stone India collaboration used to be to waste an real observe of mouth and elevate recognize-to ogle suggestions. Hennessy has a long historical previous of championing and celebrating those who push the boundaries of capability and so we knew we wanted to waste something entirely unusual to properly showcase the reports and journeys of the artists in a format that used to be accessible to all. The root of a podcast used to be impressed by the digital migration that used to be witnessed post pandemic, and the need for relatable, proper storytelling and digital state.” 

The first episode aspects Raftaar, who’s the most sought-after name within the Indian hip-hop rental with a brave discography spanning self ample and business releases. The next episodes bring forth Dino James, hailed for his emotive lyricism stemming from valid-life experiences continues, and rapper KR$NA who pulls no punches because the earliest hip-hop artists to emerge within the mid-2000s.

On Freestyle Mumbai rapper Dee MC brings her nuanced knowing of the genre and storytelling thru her abilities as a multifaceted artist whereas Fotty Seven, who has been pushing the boundaries of contemporary hip-hop in India makes a solid look too. Raftaar’s early mentees, Karma, also aspects in Freestyle.  

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