Hear Hyderabad Fingerstyle Guitarist Akram Ul Haq’s Intricate New Album, ‘The Catmaster’

The artist opens up relating to the breeze to ending his debut file, which accommodates all the pieces from steel to acoustic guitar and western classical, and talks about taking his music to South America

Anurag Tagat
Jul 28, 2022

Hyderabad composer and guitarist Akram Ul Haq. Photo: Shanthan Reddy

As a long way as inviting album quilt work and titles crawl, Hyderabad guitarist-composer Akram Ul Haq went one up on a form of indie artists when he released his debut LP The Catmaster closing month, which capabilities an anthropomorphized, cigarette-smoking sad cat wearing plaid and toting a guitar at some stage in its support.  

Ul Haq – who started writing music as a solo guitarist in 2015 after about a years in the steel scene in Hyderabad – assures us there’s a “mammoth chronicle” in the support of the selection of album title and his affinity for cats (his Instagram form out is @whoisthecatmaster). He relates his belligerence in direction of authority as something that “displays totally in cats.” Ul Haq provides, “You can not be a master to cats, if truth be told they’re the master and you’re at their carrier.” There’s an added layer that is seemingly to be interpreted as commentary on masters and folk in positions of authority, but sonically, the eight-music album takes on trembling, tranquil and emotional guitar melodies with occasional percussive factors.  

The 10-and-a-half-minute title music, in particular, sees Ul Haq incorporate seemingly Carnatic guitar taking part in, as the depth ramps up. Before all the pieces intended to be recorded in 2019, the guitarist-composer says he used to be juggling tasks at dwelling, alongside side being a critical caregiver for his ill mom. “Added to that, the pandemic hit. I wrote few songs at some stage in that point. One among the songs that got here about used to be ‘Passing By the Dreams.’ That music got here to be so terminate to my coronary heart that I wanted it to be fragment of my first album,” Ul Haq provides.  

As great as intricate guitar melodies are at the center of the eight-music album, Ul Haq says he selected to switch away from “technical capabilities and totally rely on emotion” whereas composing. Wholly instrumental and averaging at 5 minutes per music, The Catmaster is seemingly to be a interesting expertise for folk that give it their undivided attention, with each music title offering some roughly “allegorical or literal” which technique in accordance with the artist.  

As somebody who went on to see western classical music and thoroughly different kinds after initially place being a steel riffsmith, Ul Haq feels that “expression comes after a decided diploma of data is achieved.” He provides, “Tune for me is a medium for expressing a thought or emotion, however the tools and the categories fill changed over time.” With the initiating of The Catmaster CDs and the plump album on streaming platforms, the artist incidentally traveled to Colombia for a deepest visit and ended up performing an intimate demonstrate in June. 

There’s a efficiency video from studio classes anticipated to be out for “Passing By The Dream,” whereas one for the percussion-aided “Ataraxia” is already up on YouTube. Ul Haq provides about displays, “I am no longer planning something else for the time being, but I am in Latin America for about a extra months and I’m hoping to construct in about a international locations whereas I am here, traveling. I am moreover writing some fresh music that I am hoping to file when I catch support dwelling, or whereas here.”  

Glance the video for “Ataraxia” below. Circulation ‘The Catmaster’ here

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