Has Vishal converted to but every other faith?

Vishal the frontline action hero of Kollywood also has a sizeable market in diverse states as effectively including Bollywood dubbing. He’s on the 2d busy alongside with his next film ‘Lathi’ produced by actors Ramana and Nanda and costarring Sunainaa because the main lady. He also obtained the final secretary put up again in the Nadigar Sangam elections.

On the deepest entrance Vishal has change into an uncle again and happy he wrote on Twitter “Properly wat extra can I request. Supa gratified to alter into an uncle again. The princess is born on the present time to my princess darling sister aishu. Could presumably per chance additionally simply god bless the brand new born lady and the couple. Inshaallah. God bless.”

Whereas congratulations poured in, the tweet also sparked controversy as Vishal mentioned “Inshaallah” in it. A few reviews maintain emerged speculating that the action hero has converted to Islam. Vishal is identified for steadily stating god in his tweet and a few sources stop to him mentioned that he considers all relgions in the same level.

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