Halle Bailey Is “Indubitably In Terror” As Dim Ladies React To ‘The Puny Mermaid’ Teaser

Halle Bailey is the star of Disney’s stay-circulation remake of The Puny Mermaid. A teaser for the movie directed by Cast off Marshall used to be launched at some stage in the D23 Expo and the reactions were outstanding.

Fogeys have recorded their kids reacting to the rapid clip of Bailey singing “Share of Your World.” The model that went viral on TikTok aspects Dim ladies watching the video and being very much surprised when seeing Bailey’s skin tone.

“She’s brown fancy me,” one lady mentioned.

The reactions have moved people on social media showcasing that representation issues. Many fans started tagging Bailey and she or he ended up retweeting one in every of the supercut reaction videos shared on-line.

“Folks were sending these reactions to me all weekend and i’m in genuinely in terror. this model the field to me,” Bailey tweeted.

people were sending these reactions to me all weekend and i’m in genuinely in terror ♥️this model the field to me 💗😭 https://t.co/cuKjKN8nxH

— Halle (@HalleBailey) September 12, 2022

At D23, Bailey talked about how particular it used to be she used to be cast to painting Ariel in the abundant masks.

“Being a little lady swimming in the pool, imagining I used to be a mermaid, I never imagined that would come to existence,” she mentioned. “The three days filming ‘Share of Your World’ used to be the most appealing expertise of my existence — feeling the total emotions she feels, her passion, discomfort, all the issues she’s experiencing. It used to be so spirited for me to play these emotions and to have Cast off directing me and being this form of shifting pressure on this movie used to be genuinely an honor.”

The Puny Mermaid is in step with the 1989 spirited movie from Disney with the stay-circulation adaptation adding unusual songs by fashioned composer Alan Menken, with lyrics by Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Strive more reactions to The Puny Mermaid teaser below.

Okay rapid #TheLittleMermaid #TikTokThread cuz I know we would also all expend this pleasure RN. pic.twitter.com/83nSqsFSYl

— #DayWithoutUs – Sept 30 (@LeslieMac) September 14, 2022

Fancy this ending. Me too little one lady! pic.twitter.com/ccH4fclZiu

— #DayWithoutUs – Sept 30 (@LeslieMac) September 14, 2022

Is that who I think it is?? pic.twitter.com/r2cdrXSvsU

— #DayWithoutUs – Sept 30 (@LeslieMac) September 14, 2022

This little ones face. I’m also sitting with what my trans/gnc visitors have told me about what mermaids meant to them rising up. (No longer iding this child) pic.twitter.com/h91ouh9Urp

— #DayWithoutUs – Sept 30 (@LeslieMac) September 14, 2022

Oh thats a BLACK mermaid! pic.twitter.com/jcmekt3CQO

— #DayWithoutUs – Sept 30 (@LeslieMac) September 14, 2022

Glimpse The Puny Mermaid trailer below.

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