Google Messages comes as default messaging app on Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series in the US

Initiating with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Samsung ships its smartphones with the Google Messages app as the default messaging app. Earlier than this, Samsung had its procure stock messaging app that became as soon as compatible with RCS as the default app in the US. Meanwhile, the S21 series launched in Europe with Google Messages as the default messaging app. The substitute became as soon as considerable throughout a segment of MKBHD’s Waveform podcast.

Or no longer it is no longer like any individual couldn’t correct head into the Play Retailer and download Google’s Messages app, as a minimum individuals that were attentive to the distinction. It is some distance likely that the realistic particular person obtained’t even ogle that the app appears to be like reasonably diverse on the Galaxy S22 since Samsung re-designed its stock messaging app to note more like Google Messages closing one year with the S21 series in the US.

Google Messages comes as default messaging app on Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series in the US

9to5Google noticed that though the Google version of the RCS app is arrangement as the default on the original Galaxy flagships, the Samsung stock app is soundless figured out on the instrument and a particular person can swap motivate to it in the event that they in actual fact wanted to.

Google Messages has gradually change into the default messaging app desire for most Android instrument OEMs and Samsung is with out doubt one of many closing Android OEM to own the swap to basically the most standard messaging app on Android.


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