‘Charmed’ Enters Multiverse In Sequence Finale With Nod To Normal Sequence

It’s goodbye to all that for Charmed, which ended its four-season bustle on The CW tonight with a final scene that’s definite to go longtime followers of the true sequence and its reboot.

The recent solid of Charmed  — Mel, Maggie, and Kaela — discovered a mysterious door emblazoned with their signature triquetra, TVLine experiences.

So naturally, they’ve to search out out what’s on the opposite aspect. What they procure is  Halliwell Manor. the home where Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige stirred things up within the true Charmed.

“We desired to ultimately tie these universes together,” executive producer Joey Falco told TVLine of the sequence, whose Season 4 finale had been conceived sooner than the CW made a call final month to kill it.

Exec producer Jeffrey Lieber told the newsletter that they writers drew inspiration from the Spider-Man franchise’s multiverse. “We personal been taking a gaze to start next season with the universes knit together, and then we would personal seen [which cast members were] round and amenable,” he acknowledged, revealing that the notion develop to be to personal solid contributors from the true sequence appear on the reboot next season. .

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