Catfish Sneak Gaze: Max Surprises Nev And Kamie For A Special Occasion

Catfish: The TV Heed premiered nearly ten years ago on November 12, 2012; brothers from one other mother co-hosts Nev and Max assisted a fancy hopeful named Sunny meet her online beau Jamison (who became once surely Chelsea). Mercurial-forward with regards to a decade later: The hit MTV docuseries will celebrate its 200th episode tonight — and there may perchance be a surprise in store for Nev and Kamie.

“Oh my god,” a insecure Nev states as Max (!) is an ingredient of a mini-celebration with crew participants. “This guy!” Sure, the silver fox is abet!

After the team enjoys their mini celebration — full with a cake — Nev and Kamie invite Max to be taught the trademark electronic mail to kick off each episode. After Max declares, “let’s web it,” it be time to be taught extra about Ivy and Dante. What is Max’s preliminary safe on the case? Gaze the clip and web not trip away out Catfish episode #200 tonight at 8/7c!

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