Bigg Boss 16: Contemporary! Salman Khan lashes out at Shalin Bhanot for disrespecting the doctor despatched in the dwelling

In the final few episodes, we did gape that Shalin’s behaviour wasn’t factual and the manner he behaved didn’t hunch down properly with the viewers. The contestants of the gift too didn’t treasure the manner he behaved with the doctor.

MUMBAI:  Finally of the 2nd week of the gift, there is loads that has took place and the contestants hold given a bunch of bellow to the gift.

We saw how the contestants hold had arguments and big fights for the rationale that unusual love myth started on the gift.

Lastly, tomorrow could be the shukrawar ka vaar episode where Salman Khan would come and gives an insight into what he thinks about the contestants and how they’ve performed. 

While some would win praised, some would win a half of his solutions for their unhealthy behaviour.

In the week, we did gape how Shalin grabbed the headlines for many reasons, origin alongside with his fight with Archana to misbehaving with the doctor after which confessing his love for Tina. The actor made certain that he gave a bunch of bellow to the gift.

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As per sources,  at some point of the shukrawar ka vaar episode, Salman would bash Shalin for his behaviour with the gift’s doctor who had come at some point of the dwelling to examine in on him.

If one remembers the episode, we did gape how Shalin spoke with disrespect to the doctor and insulted him by asking him what his qualification used to be and telling him that he’s finest studying MBBS, and he wants somebody licensed.

Owing to this dialog, Salman slams Shalin and asks him what conceitedness he carries and that this roughly behaviour used to be unacceptable.

Neatly, this could occasionally be intriguing to gape what clarification would Shalin give the precious person on his behaviour with the doctor.

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