Bigg Boss 16 Are living Updates: Priyanka Chahar Choudhary-Archana Gautam, Tina Datta-Shalin Bhanot gain into inappropriate fight

Final night in Bigg Boss 16, we all noticed Sajid Khan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, MC Stan, Abdu Rozik, Gori Nagori and Shiv Thakare sigh in opposition to Gautam Vig and his captaincy. Sajid and the crowd were handled to pizzas within the confession room when they went on a hunger strike. Quite loads of followers felt it became a very hideous switch by the makers. Gautam acquired heaps of sympathy from the followers. Intelligent on, let’s look what’s in store in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16. Take up on the Bigg Boss 16 Are living Updates right here:

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Oct 31st 2022

  • 11: 30 pm

    Housemate fill stress-free; Stan and Gautam discuss about Shiv

    Sajid fixes Abdu and Gautam’s wedding. Shiv teases Abdu. Abdu throws chappals at Shiv. Abdu will get indignant at Shiv. Stan and Shiv apologise however it no doubt became steady an act. Abdu beats Shiv and Stan. Later within the night, Stan and Gautam discuss about Shiv and his sport view. Gautam components out that Shiv did not take dangle of his or Gori’s identify for the period of the duty. Stan says Shiv is terminate to Abdu steady for the sake of digicam. Gautam opens up about Nimrit with Stan. 

  • 11: 16 pm

    Gautam stops Archana

    Gautam stops Archana from fixing the dough. Shalin, Priyanka and Tina discuss about Archana. Later, when all and sundry is the lounge. Archana, Priyanka spend taunting every other. Nimrit, Gori enjoy Priyanka and Archana’s fight. Priyanka unearths how Archana is soiled herself. Archana calls Priyanka naali wali aurat. 

  • 11: 12 pm

    Shalin and Tina discuss

    Shalin tells Tina she badmouthed about him. Tina asks Gautam what has he told Shalin about their dialog. Shalin walks off when Tina and Gautam don’t have faith him. In assorted locations, Stan, Gori and Shiv discuss about Tina and Shalin being false. They glimpse Shalin and Tina’s drama. Shalin takes Nimrit and Sumbul and discusses them additional. Shalin and Tina gain indignant. Gori says Nimrit talks to Gautam and felt that she is faking it. Shalin and Gautam discuss and they glimpse Soundarya and Gori. Soundarya talks about Nimrit with Gori. Shalin and Nimrit discuss about how Soundarya acts when she is with Gautam. Later, Shalin tries to discuss over with Tina. Abdu will get chicken from the storeroom for Shalin. He also will get a letter. 

  • 11: 03 pm

    Archana talks to Bigg Boss

    Archana says or no longer it is sophisticated to impress others model. Gautam stops Archana from cooking meals. She asks Gautam to present her meals on her bed. She declares herself sasu ma. Soundarya unearths to Shiv her dialog with Archana. Shalin tells Gautam that Archana has change into jealous of Priyanka. Shalin asks why Soundarya is getting free with Shiv. Tina asks why is he meddling of their relationship. Gautam says he talked however she is no longer understanding. 

  • 10: 51 pm

    Priyanka and Archana fill a spat

    Priyanka refuses to impress rotis and asks Gautam to present him one other accountability. Priyanka says she became appropriate this time as properly. Archana and Priyanka continue to argue. Archana calls her gandh and chamchi. Priyanka says that Archana is being a mummy. Tina is also indignant. Archana wants to spoil the jar.  Nimrit explains that she will be able to no longer spoil Bigg Boss’ property. Priyanka and Archana are battling on top of their voices. Shalin and Gautam discuss about how folks are flipping on their tasks. Priyanka asks Archana to no longer discuss about Ankit as she is possessive. Later, Gautam explains that Priyanka is steady proving her appropriate by involving out of the quiz. Archana talks to Shalin about Priyanka. 

  • 10: 46 pm

    Deserving captain

    Shiv feels Nimrit is the deserving captain. He feels Archana is the wicketkeeper as she plays as per the sport. Shiv says Archana will also ditch Priyanka. Archana says she is no longer stricken about the identical. Shiv calls Priyanka field who wants to gain indignant about every bother. Shiv feels Shalin is an unfair player. Who can they have faith if they’re looking to hit six on the final ball, Shiv takes Abdu. Priyanka says after her, she will be able to have faith Shiv. Priyanka says she feels Shiv is her competitor. Shalin shuts his ears. Archana unearths Priyanka is soiled. Archana and Priyanka gain into an argument over the jar. Priyanka is indignant with Archana. The housemates are fearful and annoyed with their dialog. Shekhar asks them to switch on. Later, Shiv picks Sumbul as the 12th player. Shiv calls Sumbul bechari however Sumbul and Tina cease no longer agree. Shalin and Tina defend Sumbul. Shiv feels Gautam throws heaps of googlies. Gautam defends his stance. Ankit asks if had Soundarya been evicted would his switch were justified. Ankit talks about Gautam wanting to reverse his resolution. Gautam tries to defend himself however Ankit components out that he has been flipping at every given point. The Participant who’s off originate is Ankit, as per Shiv. The player who offers gyaan is Sajid however Shiv says he is also a player. Shiv is requested to identify one all-rounder and he names Tina. Shiv is requested any individual who’s a large player, Shiv locations his card. Stan, Soundarya and Gori are nowhere on Shiv’s list. Shekhar takes his poke away and identify callings them on the meals. 

  • 10: 32 pm

    Shekhar continues to silly fable

    Shekhar offers Ankit 50 mins of discuss time. He also takes a jibe at Priyanka, Soundarya, Gautam and Archana. 

  • 10: 30 pm

    Immense Bulletin with Shekhar Suman

    Shekhar joins the housemates with Immense Bulletin. He identify callings Ankit with a shayari. Shekhar compares Bigg Boss and cricket. Shekhar turns commentator and offers an update on the new scenario internal the house of Bigg Boss 16. All people praises Shekhar’s commentary. Shekhar identify callings Soundarya and Nimrit for his or her English. Shekhar offers a tongue twister to the housemates. 

  • 10: 22 pm

    Abdu’s POV

    Shiv and Abdu are roaming within the living space. Abdu feels Tina is highly false. He says no one has made a spot within the hearts of the viewers take care of Abdu. Within the kitchen, Tina feels that Archana is giving Gautam a advanced time. Later, Shiv and Tina discuss about Bigg Boss, Shalin. 

  • 10: 20 pm

    Soundarya cooks

    Soundarya wants to present lunch to Archana. Gautam says she have to accumulated gain it himself. Priyanka tells Archana that Gautam will not let her cook dinner. Gautam is indignant with Soundarya for giving lunch to Archana. 

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