Android 13 to present more protect watch over over the phone’s LED flash

In accordance to a developer already accustomed to Google’s fair now not too prolonged within the past released Android 13 developer preview, Google would possibly perhaps merely give you more granular protect watch over over your LED flash on the attend of the phone. There are two APIs associated with the fresh characteristic – one provides knowledge referring to the brightness of the LED flash and the different one controls the remark brightness.

Android 13 to give more control over the phone's LED flash

Pointless to explain, it goes to be up to OEMs to faucet on those APIs and mean you would perhaps perhaps perhaps protect watch over the brightness from 1 to as excessive because the hardware permits. Seriously, now not each and every phone will give a enhance to the acknowledged characteristic, potentially attributable to hardware boundaries.

For now, some Samsung handsets mean you would perhaps perhaps perhaps unlit the LED flash as well to iPhones.


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