Addy Singh Discusses Three-Act Single ‘Magnolia’ 

The video display follows the Contemporary Delhi artist’s 2021 three-video display EP ‘Artwork’s Acceptable One other Guy from Brooklyn’

David Britto
Oct 17, 2022

Contemporary Delhi artist Addy Singh. Describe: Courtesy of the artist

Since the final time we spoke to Contemporary Delhi artist Addy Singh for his slinky guitar-led tune “Attitude” in 2020, he went on to release but another single called “Shadow” in 2021 as neatly as a 3-video display EP entitled Artwork’s Acceptable One other Guy from Brooklyn. Now, Singh is support with a mark-unusual cinematic video display called “Magnolia.” On this interview with Rolling Stone India, he talks to us about his most contemporary tune and what’s in the pipeline for him.  

When did your unusual tune “Magnolia” originate up to grab shape and what can you disclose us about it? 


A respectable friend of mine and I had been taking half in around with riffs and the outlet riff of the tune if truth be told caught its head out to me. I undergo in thoughts the writing job taking all of 20 minutes for the major piece. And then my mixer and perfect friend, Aditya Shukla, if truth be told extinct his esteem for hi-hats and that was as soon as that. I wished to stretch out the major piece however it indubitably also felt whole enough. So, I sat on it and worked on a totally different tune. I wished an ominous piano simply taking half in single chords, so I played it out on the guitar to send to a pair of gamers, however I eyeballed myself into what now sounds love the supreme guitar tone for it. Probabilities are you’ll perhaps perchance never hasten frightful with Fender Deluxe reverb sims. I performed what I believed was as soon as going to be a entirely totally different ingredient, however splicing the major tune worked too and that normally intended that I would possibly perchance perchance snatch the evening off. The third piece was as soon as simply a fluke, if truth be told. A full fluke. I’ve repeatedly wanted a brass instrument in a tune and it was as soon as simply alleged to be a beat for me to put collectively over, however that worked too. Fairly neatly indubitably, placing it in with the totally different sections.  


Lyrically, I wished a 3-act play constructing, the 2d I spotted that they match instrumentally. The first piece talks about placing the past in the support of you, the 2d’s about finding out reside with yourself, which repeatedly begins out slightly dramatically – relapsing, repeating patterns, searching at trees from a window. And the third, obviously, was as soon as freedom. Acceptable a guitar solo. Acceptable taking half in. A silky decision. Life doesn’t normally figure out that plot, however this tune would possibly perchance perchance. And for me, it did.  

What was as soon as the recording and manufacturing job for the tune love? 


I document the whole lot at home. I made a modest foam panel-clad studio and I purchase no longer to head away as unheard of as I’m in a position to. Aditya Shukla, my longstanding devoted producer and blend-and-grasp man, and I didn’t precisely peep designate to designate on a pair of things however as repeatedly, he came up with a pair of guitar fills and grew to develop into my midi drums into staunch drums. He if truth be told is a lifesaver. To any guitar gamers available beginning out, repeatedly believe analog pedals. Overlook about stock plugins and pedal sims, simply hasten mature-college. It’s repeatedly worth it. It’s slightly a shame that we obtain precious miniature out right here though. 

Attain you’d simply hang got any plans to further promote the tune?  

I don’t narrate I hang the sources to manufacture a video out of this. It’s slightly cinematic and something else however essentially most doubtless the greatest imaginable consequence would indubitably work against it, so thru promotion, it’s simply the well-liked. Pumping out sections, haranguing my followers on Instagram, playlists and all that. Every person is aware of the game. I don’t love having backing tracks at my reveals, so the day I in finding a saxophone or trumpet player out right here, this tune would possibly perchance perchance if truth be told raise the roof, in particular the third piece. It wouldn’t work reside without all three items of the tune. I’m itching to play the solo reside. It drives me crazy.  

What’s subsequent for you? 


Extra song, extra guitar song and I’m shifting to Bombay rapidly. 

“Magnolia” releases on October 18th on all platforms.

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