’90 Day Fiance: Fortunately Ever After’ Uncommon Preview: Shaeeda Reveals She May perchance likely perchance Be Pregnant Soon

Shaeeda and Bilal talk with their doctor almost and affords an update on the opportunity of pregnancy in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the October 9 episode of 90 Day Fiance: Fortunately Ever After. “We were attempting,” Shaeeda says. Bilal is at a loss for phrases by her response.  

“Now we possess no longer been attempting,” Bilal finds. In her confessional, Shaeeda admits that they voice out spend condoms when they’re intimate… extra on the total than no longer.

Shaeeda Bilal
Shaeeda and Bilal talk with their doctor. (TLC)

“There changed into once barely of oopsie right here and there, so the opportunity of a bun being in the oven would perchance be precise. I’m no longer attempting to present it too out of the ordinary energy so as that Bilal doesn’t eavesdrop on it. I’m just correct holding it low,” Shaeeda says.

Bilal makes it sure his stance on having a child with Shaeeda on the 2nd. “We are no longer attempting to possess any kids just correct now. The least bit. Relish zero p.c,” he stresses. Shaeeda needs to “compromise” on a time to in truth initiate attempting for a child and is hopeful issues will alternate in a year.

Bilal factors out that Shaeeda gets emotional at instances, which makes him feel love she could perchance abandon him one day. He’s been divorced earlier than so he never needs to fight thru that anguish all once more. “It doesn’t build me are attempting to flee to it. It makes me barely of hesitant. And I’m hesitant for obvious,” Bilal says.

Shaeeda has been adamant about seeking to possess barely of 1 with Bilal. Earlier in the season, Shaeeda defined a sure clause in their prenup.

Shaeeda needs a child with Bilal ASAP. (TLC)

“After I agreed to the prenup, I particularly added a clause that we’re going to strive to possess a child by the time I am 40. Nevertheless I’m love 2 and a half of years away from 40. By that time, I would perchance be too traditional. If I don’t accept a child by 40, he’s going to pay,” she admitted.

Time will impart if Shaeeda and Bilal will survey look-to-look on the child advise in the shut to future. The series 90 Day Fiance: Fortunately Ever After airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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